June 20, 2023

I met N4m in Zamfara account, running state on debts – Dauda Lawal 

I met N4m in Zamfara account, running state on debts – Dauda Lawal 

Zamfara Governor Dauda Lawal

Zamfara State Governor, Dauda Lawal says he met about N4 million in a single account since the assumption of office, adding that he has been running the affairs of the state on debt.

The governor said the state is yet to pay four months’ salary to workers while the allowances of the security agencies have not been paid as well.

Lawal disclosed this on Monday during an interview with BBC Hausa, lamenting that senior secondary school students in Zamfara have not written the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO).

“I have been running the affairs of the state on debt since I assumed office as governor of Zamfara. I met the treasury account of the state with no money. I only saw a single account with about N3 to N4 million in it,” the governor said.

“It is about three months now and we are yet to pay the salary of the workers. If you look at all the government agencies, the power supply to the buildings has been disconnected due to the hundreds of millions of debts incurred.

“The security agencies, for three months now, the allowance given to them for their daily operations has not been paid. Currently, students of senior secondary schools have not written their WAEC and NECO exams because the government is owing over one billion naira.”

On the issue of whether N20 billion was left in the treasury by the previous administration, he disclosed that the claim was false, adding that the past government should publicly present evidence showing the amount left in the state account.

Lawal said, “When I heard that, I asked that they should come and show me the account, and make it public with evidence of the account where such an amount of money was kept,” he said.

“If I have that amount of money the previous administration is claiming they left for the state, I will pay all workers their salaries, and provide adequate funds to the security agencies for the protection of the state.

“The issue of water, there has been no water in Gusau for about four months now. I had to borrow to purchase the chemicals for the water.

“I also pleaded with some Indians who gave the state some machines for water supply. If the state is to purchase those machines, it will cost over N200 million.

“I can not say that I have permanently solved the problem of water in Zamfara but I will do my best to see that the problem is solved.”

The governor, however, vowed that he would ensure that civil servants in the state are paid their salaries before the observation of the Eid-l-Kabir festival.

“I want to assure civil servants in Zamfara that we will do our best to ensure all workers’ salaries are paid before Sallah,” he added.