June 23, 2023

Husband drugged wife, filmed 83 men raping her

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A French man has been accused of drugging his wife for a period of ten years and allowing at least 83 men to rape her, while the woman thought the occurrences were dreams.

Dominique P allegedly contacted men on an internet forum called “à son insu” – which means “without him/her knowing” – where people discuss performing sexual acts on their unwitting and non-consensual partners, who are often drugged.

According to the Mirror, the husband allegedly mixed a strong drug into his wife’s evening meal before his guests arrived at their home in Mazan, in southeastern France, to rape her.

Police have identified 92 cases of rape against the woman by 83 men but to date, they have only identified 51 suspects, aged from 26 to 73, who have been charged with rape and remanded in custody.

The men were allegedly instructed to wash their hands in hot water to avoid sudden change of temperature, undress in the kitchen to avoid leaving any clothes in the bedroom, park near a school and walk in the dark to the house to avoid making the neighbours suspicious.

It is also alleged that tobacco and perfume were banned to avoid any strong smells that could wake the victim up.

The horrific rapes, which took place between 2011 and 2020, were filmed and the footage was kept in a USB drive in a file called “abuses”, the police said. Cops added that most men returned multiple times.

The Mirror said investigators first learned of the crimes after arresting Dominique in 2020 for filming women in the changing rooms of a local supermarket via a hidden camera.

During police questioning, officers spoke to Dominique’s wife who described him as a “great guy” who was “king and caring” – although she added that he had tried to get her to agree to partner-swapping but she had refused saying she “didn’t like to be touched without having feelings”.

The Daily Telegraph reports that when the woman was informed of the secret tapes made while she was unconscious, she became suicidal and said: “I was his thing.”

The woman also said that she often felt fatigue and subsequent medical examinations found she had been infected with four sexually transmitted diseases. She has reportedly filed for divorce.

Her husband reportedly told magistrates he still loves his wife, with his lawyer Béatrice Navarro saying the victim was “his first love, indeed the only love of his life”.

A trial may begin next year if magistrates decide to follow the prosecutor’s recommendations.