June 5, 2023

Ex-minister hails Otti over move to clean up Abia


Alex Otti

….Pledges support of elders, professionals

By Steve Oko

Two-time Minister for Education and Health respectively, Professor Ihechukwu Madubuike, has applauded the move by the newly-inaugurated Governor Alex Otti to clean up Abia State, saying it is a strong signal that “Abia is truly in for a new dawn”.

“Our young Governor has started well, and I know he will continue to do well”, Madubuike told Vanguard in an exclusive chat.

The former lawmaker and Commissioner in the Old Imo State, said the declaration of state of emergency on refuse dumps littering and defacing Abia cities was a good start.

He said that Abia elders, professionals and technocrats as well as all progressives would give Otti every support “he needs” to rebuild the state from the ruins of decades of mis-governance.

“We can’t bring him out and not support him. We are ready to help him succeed and make Abia a state we can all be proud of.

“I saw the Governor leading the charge of cleanliness which is next to godliness. That was a good move. We did same in the Old Imo when we were in Government.”

The New York State University -trained Professor of Language/Linguistics, advocated the re-cycling of waste in Aba to create wealth and more jobs for the youths.

“The Governor should think of how to convert the rubbish into wealth by recycling them. We can copy the technology in the Western countries.

“There could be a factory where the refuse is sorted and recycled. By so doing, the youths will be heavily engaged, and crime wave will crash.”

Professor Madubuike also applauded the appointments so far made by the Governor, saying they are a pointer to what is coming.

He said that the choice of technocrats and distinguished professionals to man various sectors of the economy was an indication that the era of using touts and praise singers to drive governance was over.

He, however told Otti’s supporters not to expect to be rewarded with political appointments,  rather, they should expect democracy dividends.

According to him, political appointment does not translate into good governance, arguing that less than 25% of those who put Government in power get political appointments.

The elder statesman insisted that what Abians need and expect from Otti “is democracy dividends” on their door steps, and not appointment of their kinsmen into political offices.

“Every community needs to get something in terms of democracy dividends and not necessarily political appointments.

“In the next six months, Abians in their communities must see why there is a change. But if there is no evidence, then we are making a mockery of governance. There must be something on ground to show there is a change.

“I heard some people complain that they didn’t see those being appointed now during the campaigns, but the truth is that less than 25% of people who put Government in power get appointed.

“The reward is in good governance which permeates the system and gets to the lowest person in society “.