June 1, 2023

Dear Bunmi, I need to find a girlfriend

Dear Bunmi, I need to find a girlfriend

I’m 28 and I’ve never had a girlfriend. I haven’t even kissed a woman and now I feel that I never will.

Everybody I know seems to be talking about sex, love and relationships. Television programmes, newspapers, magazines and songs on radio constantly remind me of these things.

It makes me feel so inadequate and depressed. As a result, I don’t feel like going out anymore, only to watch other people have fun.

Recently, I’ve toyed with the idea of visiting prostitutes, just so that I could know what it is like to be close to a woman.

I wish I could meet a girl and fall in love, but all hope seems to have been lost.

Kingsley, by e-mail.

Dear Kingsley,

It’s true that most men need the comfort and intimacy of female companionship and it is this feeling of yours that you are inadequate that’s preventing you from reaching out for a woman’s love.

There are tons of lovely women who want sex and a caring relationship just as much as you do.

You need to accept that you are as loveable as the rest of us, and that your desire for sex is nothing to be ashamed of.

This will make you feel able to respond to the interest of the women you meet.

You are not alone, as a lot of people have wondered if they would ever find romance, only to find it when they least expected.

Instead of secretly aching for love, show some of the women you meet that you’re interested in them.

Men who flirt and express their romantic needs have girlfriends. So, go out there and find the love you deserve.

Don’t let one or two rejection put you off. More women are bound to say yes!

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