June 5, 2023

Charles Anyasi immortalised with ‘Signature of Success’

By Evelyn Usman

It was a gathering of Bibliophiles from all walks of life, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, to eulogise the life and times of founder, Sheriff Deputies, late Charles Chibozor Anyasi, at a book launch titled ‘ Signature of Success’.

The 80-page book written by Dr Island Anyasi and Eric Alaigwu, highlighted how to plan for deliberate success and mentoring for the younger generation.

Reviewer of the book, Omoruyi Iyere, described the book as a compressed guide for right values and a glowing tribute to the late Anyasi and his legacy, as well as a documentation that would inspire people to greatness.

He said: “ The book is meant to teach one how to be a successful person. Success varies as well as its approach. Anyasi was a man that succeeded in training a successor in his son, Island, who has continued to build on the legacies of his father”

Unveiling the biography of the late Anyasi, Chairman of the occasion, Barr. Uche Uwechei described the deceased as a motivator and workaholic who founded many companies and trained many workers to establish their own firms.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer, Sheriff Deputies, and son of its founder, Dr Island Anyasi, revealed that the idea of sharing his late father’s legacies in a book came one years after his demise, following encouraging tributes by his beneficiaries.

In order to make the book readable, he said, “ We compressed it as much as possible, kept it to the barest possible minimum for this edition, and made it light to read for about three to four hours. It talks about details of his background, his family tree, and the secret of his success

“ The name of the book ‘Signature of Success’ is meant to intrigue the reader. One of the interesting things about Charles was his signature which was like art. So, we decided to combine his story with his signature.

“One interesting and unfortunate thing about Charles was that he passed on at a very early age. He was just around 60 years old when he died. The question was, what is life all about if a man who was approaching the prime of his life, business success, family success, career success, is cut off so suddenly, are we going to say there is no success and joy in life?

“ So, in telling the story, our aim is to convince the reader that success is a lifestyle, that a man can be seen as a success even after his death because success is your ability to generate a successor and create a legacy that is able to live on after the person is gone”

Late Anyasi’s widow, Violet, said he prepared her and their children for the present day, by inculcating in them the right values that molded them into carrying on his legacies.