June 7, 2023

10th NASS: Doguwa pleads with G7 aspirants to step down for Abbas, Kalu


…Lar prophesied I will be next speaker-Wase

By Levinus Nwabughiogu-Abuja

Leader of the 9th House of Representatives, Ado Doguwa has pleaded with members of the G7 aspirants to the speakership of the incoming 10th House to step down for APC anointed candidate, Hon. Tajudeen Abass.

Doguwa made the appeal during the valedictory session held by the House.

He said he was one of the contestants who later stepped down for Abass to ensure a seamless transition.

He said: “It is in this light, I want to urge members like me who are still in the ring contesting to please see the light of reasoning to also step down in the interest of a seamless transition from the leadership here to the next Assembly.

“I am doing this because I was part of the members who first of all started contesting for the Speakership position. Mr Speaker, I am by all standards qualified to be the Speaker.

“But, I want to believe that, Speakership is always an act of God, it is given by God by the will of the members of the House of Representatives. We cannot have two Speakers at the same time”.

But speaking immediately after Doguwa, the deputy speaker and a member of the G7, Hon. Idris Wase declined the appeal, saying he would run to the end.

According to him, his ambition was a prophesy made by a former governor of Plateau State who he referred as his political godfather.

“Of course, I want to appreciate my political leaders, among whom I would say is Solomon Lar who, when I was contesting 2007, I went to him and he prophesized the number of times I will come to this Assembly and I will tell this crowd and to the world, that he said, I will come to the Assembly in the number of times and prophesized even the number of leadership that I will attain and the Deputy Speakership and he prophesized next when I return, and I believe I will be Speaker and I believe I Insha Allah, I will be the Speaker of the Green Chambers”, Wase said.