May 20, 2023

When you realise your dreams, you have a good life – Big Novie 

Big Novie

By Ayo Onikoyi

I believe that having a good life is when your dreams come true. If your goal is to amass more wealth than Dangote, you don’t need to give up if you haven’t yet, according to Big Novie.

Courage Novie Mohammed, also known as Big Novie, is a young artist with an insatiable desire for notoriety.

With over three tunes already out and many more to come, he maintains his footing despite the heavy music industry bustle.

The stereotypical 24-year-old from Edo state is prepared to show the world what he has.

He claims that he began his career in 2015 when he went to a recording studio for the first time and that is when his love for music first came to him naturally.

In addition to wanting to succeed as a musician, he also wants to succeed as a business magnate.

Travelling is Big Novie’s pleasure, and he finds inspiration in wonderful sound and peaceful environments.

Big Novie has maintained a steady presence in the music business for a long, releasing a few songs that were well received by his devoted followers.