May 3, 2023

Sudan: Netizens tongue-lash Nigerian evacuee over complaints on FG lodge 

Embassy officials trying to leave Nigerians behind in crisis-laden Sudan - Source

Nigerians on Twitter have criticised one of the Nigerian evacuees from war zone Sudan, for complaining over the safe place the federal government lodged them.

The Nigerian, Hamid Abdulmalik posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday, to lambast FG for lodging him and others in a building with a poor toilet system.

Abdulmalik said, “They lie to you and tell you that they are paying us money and everything. This is where we are going to be staying for only God knows how long. Let me give you a tour of the toilet. You need to see how sanitary the toilet is. N1.2 million for all this. Yes, this is the toilet. Can you see the toilet? This is where we will be staying for only God knows how long we will stay here. And, so this is like the vicinity of the toilet.”  

hamid abdulmalik @hamidabdulmalik also tweeted, “This is our toilet, 1.2 million dollar extraction plan. It is not really about the toilet, but the lies being told and the money they are trying to steal at the expense of our trauma.”

However, his Twitter post was met with backlash from netizens who chided him for complaining instead of being appreciative of the fact that the government save him from a crisis-laden country.

Here are some of the reactions:

Woye @woye1 said, “$1.2m expenditure is just for logistics. No one envisaged the delay at the Egypt border. 2: This is a war period. Officials can find them alternative then.”

Idris Mohammed @Mwanzan added, “In a real war situation will he be able to go around making a video? These guys are unbelievable.”

“He wants them to be put in a 5-star hotel because they occupy the office of the citizen. The highest office in the country,” TemidayoO @TemidayoOlawole reacted.

Omotayo Akorede S. @akorede_Psalms wrote, “I hope when you do get to Nigeria, you and your colleagues will have the courage to thank @GovNigeria, 

@nidcom_gov and @NigeriaMFA for working hard to get you home from the war zone at no cost to you – with the same energy you have complained. Anything less will be disappointing. I wish you and everyone else a safe journey back home.”

“Dear Brother.  Please be calm and understand that this is a very peculiar situation. It’s a war and not a luxury,”  CBN Gov Akinsola Akin🇳🇬 @cbngov_akin1 cautioned. “The most important thing here is that YOU ARE not in the War zone. The Govt is trying hard to get you and others home safely. I am typing this at the airport waiting for your arrival…in fact I passed the night here and it’s not my first time since Covid 1 lockdown. We have you covered. Cheers.”