May 23, 2023

Riot erupts as two Welsh teenagers die in crash

Riot erupts as two Welsh teenagers die in crash

A riot erupted in Cardiff, the Welsh capital on Tuesday after two teenage boys were killed in a car crash.

Local police said the victims Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and 15-year-old Harvey Evans, were riding an electric bike when they were involved in a collision on Monday night.

BBC said chaos broke out after the crash on Snowden Road in the Ely area of the city, with fireworks and other missiles thrown at a line of police officers.

A helicopter hovered overhead during the riot as at least two cars were set alight.

Harvey’s godmother Jenny Sampson, who confirmed the identities of the two boys said the disorder broke out because police wouldn’t let their parents get close to the crash scene.

Sampson said, “Basically we were all at the scene, the police were just having none of it, they wouldn’t let the mums, the dads come up and see their own kids laying on the floor.

“They wouldn’t let [the parents] do nothing, it was disgusting how they treated them, and they made them walk home and give them the news in the house, didn’t give them any sort of news at the scene, we were there for hours waiting and waiting and they still wouldn’t let them through to see if their son was okay.”

Asked what caused the rioting, Ms Sampson said, “The police, how bad the police treated everybody, you can’t treat families like that…With two young kids laying on the floor, and their own family couldn’t even get to them, they couldn’t even see their own son’s last breaths, it’s wrong and it’s disgusting.”

She added, “They were telling everybody to go away and you can’t do that… We were all standing there for about two to three hours before anyone had any information.”