May 29, 2023

Presidential Inauguration: Nigeria deserves better, says Labour Party

Presidential Inauguration: Nigeria deserves better, says Labour Party

…as Tinubu takes oath of office
John Alechenu, Abuja

The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Barr. Julious Abure, has said that Nigeria deserves better than the kind of leadership currently being offered by those he referred to “as the same characters” who are responsible for the misery of Nigerians.

Abure said this in a statement reiterating the party’s position on the Presidential Inauguration, scheduled to hold in Abuja, on Monday.

In the statement which was issued on Sunday, the LP Chairman said, “ We wish to say strongly, to all Nigerians, and all friends of Nigeria, worldwide: Nigeria has long and ardously suffered, from bad leadership, which has continued to revolve around the same characters, same political parties and same political class.

“Our people deserve a government, which can manage the country, for the good of all, with sincerity, creativity and discipline.

“A government that can reduce the biting tension and difficulties which families face in meeting their living needs and a government that can reduce the reckless corruption, rebuild national institutions and reposition the country, in all ramifications.”

The party noted that while it was evident that the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, will swear in the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, in the disputed 2023 Presidential Election, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, as President, the genuine will of Nigerians as expressed on February 25, 2023 cannot be wished away.

Abure said, “The massive mobilisation, rejuvenation and affirmation of the people, as expressed in the election of February 25th 2023, was not to hand over the reins of government, to the same people, with historical very bad record of conduct, performance and irresponsibility but for a new order, where the people will have a greater stake in government, and more direct influence in the implementation and supervision of development.

“This New Majority of Nigerian people, from all walks of life, who have awakened to a new conciousness, will not leave the initiative of national development to those who have proved their chronic inability to improve the country by their mismanagement, impunity and their failures.

“That is the trust the people have placed in the Labour Party and the Presidential ticket of Mr Peter Obi and Dr Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed.

“This is the same burden of trust, we owe the Nigerian people, to see this matter to lawful and logical resolution.

“The reality and tragedy of this Presidential Election, has already been well highlighted, to national and global attention.

“On that fateful day, Nigerians from across ethnic, political and social divides, fired by the promises of  President Muhammadu Buhari and Professor Mahmud Yakubu  INEC Chairman  reinvigorated hope for a new political and administrative order.  Having endured untold difficulties and rigors, in obtaining their PVC’s  trooped out in their millions to cast their

“In various States, State Governors and public officials, particularly of the APC, directly influenced the voting  and  threatened, abducted and tortured electoral officials.

“However, despite varying serious reports of violence, malfunctioning electoral devices and other hindrances, the voters accreditation and casting process, was fairly satisfactorily conducted.

“But after counting of votes, a dark cloud engulfed the Nation. It became clear that the correct password, to transmit the Presidential Election results, electronically and instantly, from the BVAS to the INEC IREV, had been criminally withheld, contrary to specifications of the law and contrary to repeated emphasis, directives and promises to the Nation and its citizens, by Professor Mahmood Yakubu and INEC officials.

“This deliberate act of criminal conspiracy, was the beginning of the most bizarre and crazy rigging of elections in our National history.

“As voting concluded, Party Officials, especially from the ruling APC, invaded collation centres nationwide, disrupting the process, inducing and intimidating officials. Manually alteration and mutilation of result sheets.

“All over the country, the pattern of this electoral criminality was consistent – votes lawfully casted for the Labour Party candidate, were changed and reduced, and added to increase votes casted for the
Presidential Candidate of the APC.

“This not only formed the basis for the flagrant declarations of results at various levels in many parts of the country, totally at variance with the freely expressed wishes of the people, but also the basis for the proposed inauguration of the Candidate of the APC, as the President of Nigeria.

“As a law abiding and responsible Political Party, and conscious of the overwhelming support we enjoy across the country, we have taken the matter before the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, in trust and hope for justice, and we will not comment further.”

The LP urged its supporters and all Nigerians to continue to express their passions, emotions and frustrations, within the confines of the law.

Abure said the LP has no doubt, that in the fullness of time as long as the Party and its supporters know the truth and are prepared to keep standing by the truth, Justice shall prevail.

He equally expressed confidence that Nigeria will regain the chance for a new direction, love and trust among our people and true national growth.

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