May 29, 2023

Nigerians will smile if Tinubu matches speech with action – lawyers

Tinubu at the inauguration

Some Lagos-based lawyers on Monday lauded   President Bola Tinubu’s inaugural speech, saying that it touched on areas where immediate government attention was needed.

The lawyers made their views known in  interviews with the Newsmen in Lagos.

According to Dr Yemi Omodele,  Principal Partner, Omodele Chambers, Ikeja, adequate attention on security, as promised by Tinubu, was commendable.

He noted that insecurity had been a huge challenge to the country.

According to him,  insecurity left many citizens homeless which indirectly affected the economic growth of the country.

Omodele quoted  the new president as saying that the nation would be defended against all forms of terror and criminality that threaten its peace and stability.

He advised the president to give security  priority attention and improve the security architecture of the country.

“The primary aim of every government should be to secure lives and properties of its citizens.

“I believe this administration will work to ensure that peace is promoted.

“I heard the president say that there would be dialogue  with persons involved.

“If such a strategy is adopted, it will bring unity and peace,” Omodele said.

He also praised Tinubu for promising that Nigeria would be impartially-governed according to the Constitution and the rule of law.

He said that such governance  would bring breakthroughs.

Omodele said that upholding  the rule of law  meant that rights of every citizen would be respected.

He advised the administration  to avoid selective application of rule of law.

According to Omodele,  Nigerians have high expectations from the new administration.

He said that the citizens were optimistic of  enjoying dividends of democracy under the administration.

Another lawyer, Mr Adenrele Adegborioye of BA Law Chambers, Lagos, told NAN that the inaugural speech  was  encouraging and would  restore the hope of many Nigerians.

He said that focusing  on the rule of law security, fuel subsidy removal, employment and other key areas was heartwarming.

Adegborioye said that the president pointed out areas which needed immediate attention.

“It is an indication that this new government means business and governance will no longer be business as usual.

“Our prayer is that the president matches his inaugural speech with corresponding actions.

“If that is done, Nigerians will surely smile again,” he said.

Mr Chibuikem Opara, a Partner at Justification Chamber, Ikeja, also described the speech as encouraging.

He said that  Tinubu’s pronouncement of impartial governance according to the Constitution and  rule of law, was laudable.

“A government that has the rule of law and dictates of the constitution is bound to do well.

“In fact, no government can stand firmly without the rule of law,” Opara said.

He added that equality and equity would be entrenched in an environment governed by the rule of law.

He also advised the president to fulfill his promises to Nigerians.

“The right words have been said but the action is what is material,” Opara said.