May 13, 2023

Mother’s Day: Five ways to care for mom’s physical, mental health

Mother’s Day: Five ways to care for mom’s physical, mental health

It’s Mother’s Day 2023, and it goes to say every single day is really special for our mothers, because mothers are truly special. 

The strength of mother’s love in our lives is unequalled. So, this Mothers’s Day, beyond gifting our mothers materialistic things that fade with time, try out the gift of your presence and care for her physical and mental health.

A senior clinical psychologist Dr Kamna Chhibber, in an interview with Health Shots, provided insight into how to understand ways to take care of our mother’s overall well-being this Mother’s Day and beyond.

All our mothers need is our love, attention and our presence during the highs and lows of life. Let’s use this special day to promise to take care of your mother’s well-being now and forever.

Here are some few ways that can help you keep your mom physically and mentally healthy.

Being a patient listener

Just like our life goes through its share of trials and tribulations, our mother’s life is no different. During some hard phases of life, she needs someone who listens to her patiently and helps her give vent to her emotions. Be a patient listener, our expert suggests. When you give her your shoulder to lean on during those days, it can do wonders in making her feel better.

“Stay aware of the emotional experiences she goes through and lend your support when needed. Don’t reject or be dismissive of the experiences she shared,” shares the expert.

Making out time to have fun

Another great way to curate good memories and happy moments with your mother is by spending time with her and doing mutually enjoyable activities. Indulge in doing activities that bring joy to both of you. It could be something as simple as playing cards or taking a stroll around nature.

Stay updated about her physical health

“Stay aware of her physical health-related needs and provide support to her in the best possible way,” shares the expert. As your mother ages, some illnesses are inevitable. 

However, you can show your care towards her by reminding her to take her medications timely, or you can take her to her scheduled doctor appointments, and take full responsibility for her health.

Helping her maintain an active life

As you grow and move towards your goals in life, the quality time you spend with your mother lessens. When you are not around her for days, she can feel lonely and depressed. To motivate her to live a joyful and active life, you can encourage her to engage in social activities and meet people.

Assisting your mom with daily chores

Being the only caretaker of the entire house, she can feel burdened with responsibilities. Whether, it’s cooking, cleaning, or running errands, lending a helping hand can significantly reduce her stress levels and provide her with more time for self-care and relaxation.

These tips would go a long way in helping you take good care of your mother, as well as help you strengthen this very special bond!