May 16, 2023

Marriage is worth protecting – Itoto Bartholomew

Marriage is worth protecting – Itoto Bartholomew

By Rita Chioma Okoye

Talented Nigerian Comedian, Itoto Bartholomew Okpaegbe better known as Madiba of Comedy has expressed his advice to the younger generation hoping to get married someday.

This comes as lots of celebrity marriages continue to face series of challenges, leading to divorce, separation and even death.

For Madiba of Comedy, marriage is worth protecting and guiding, “Get married to someone who you want to be with for life. It might not be glamorous every day but it will be worth it as long as you protect the decision to stay with your partner at all costs except for certain issues such as domestic violence. Be understanding with their spouses. Marriage is worth protecting and guiding, get someone you can do that with,”he noted.

Itoto Bartholomew Okpaegbe also shed light on how he balances his career with family life while highlighting the importance of finding the best ways to balance both aspects.

He said: “It’s quite tasking but it’s the life I enjoy most. Balancing is living to me. I travel to Benin City every Monday to see my family and return to Lagos later in the week. I make sure to create time to be with my family and play with my daughter because fatherhood is a dream come true and a turnaround for me. We live in the moment and family is all we have. I have mentors who hold their family strong despite their busy schedules and I learn from them.”

Just like his stage name, Madiba of Comedy, Itoto Bartholomew Okpaegbe is good at what he does. He has so far, received a slew of awards over the years. These awards are seamlessly tagged as evidence of his triumphs as a comedian.

A few of these awards, include The Edisa Awards, a Meritorious appreciation, sponsored by L-glide ace concepts, the award for family choice comedian of the year, helmed by The best of Edo awards 2021, and Aso awards, for the most outstanding comedian of the year.