May 29, 2023

Insecurity: Save our soul – Birnin-Gwari people beg Tinubu

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo

The people of Birnin-Gwari in Kaduna State have urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
to prioritize the security of the people in the emirate and take immediate steps to address the situation.

The people spoke through Ishaq Usman Kasai,Chairman, Birnin-Gwari Emirate Progressive Union (BEPU), in a statement issued to journalists in Kaduna.

“Birnin-Gwari Emirate Progressive Union (BEPU), on behalf of all the people of the Birnin-Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State, wishes to extend warmest congratulations to His Excellency, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Dakaren Birnin-Gwari), over his resounding victory in the recent presidential elections and his subsequent inauguration as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Union is wishing him a successful tenure. Indeed, his election marks a significant milestone in his remarkable journey, and we hope that his leadership will bring about positive change and progress for the nation.”

“First and foremost, let us commend Mr. President for the commitment and dedication he has demonstrated throughout his campaign. His unwavering determination to address the challenges faced by Nigeria and his vision for a brighter future have resonated with the citizens, resulting in this well-deserved victory. As he embarks on this pivotal role, we want to inform him that Birnin-Gwari people have full faith in his ability to lead with integrity, wisdom, and compassion.”

“Mr. President is aware that Nigeria today stands at a crucial juncture, with a diverse population and a range of complex issues, especially insecurity, which require immediate attention. We believe that under his astute leadership, the country will witness substantial advancements in various areas, particularly security, governance, economy, infrastructure, education, healthcare. His experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the welfare of the Nigerian people will undoubtedly guide him in making informed decisions that will steer the nation towards progress and prosperity.”

“We urge him to prioritize unity and inclusivity in his administration, fostering an environment where all Nigerians would feel represented and their voices heard. By promoting diversity and actively seeking to bridge any divides, he can create a cohesive society that thrives on the strengths of its multiculturalism.”

“Having visited nook and cranny of Nigeria during electioneering campaigns, Mr. President must be aware that Nigeria is seriously facing security challenges which threaten its sovereignty and all aspects of development. On this note, we would like to bring to his attention the urgent need to address the security challenges in Birnin-Gwari rural community. “

“BEPU remembers and commends how His Excellency, during electioneering campaigns, honourably visited the Birnin-Gwari Community through the dilapidated Kaduna/Lagos road despite the risk where he made pledge to restore peace in the area when he becomes President. On this note, Mr President, it is disheartening to hear about the terrorist continuous infiltration and encirclement of the Birnin-Gwari general area, kidnapping and killing the peace-loving people unchallenged. The terrorists as of today are advancing to finally take over the Birnin-Gwari capital if urgent, necessary actions are not taken by authorities to arrest the situation.”

“The insecurity situation in our area is a serious cause for concern, where Birnin-Gwari people are being kidnapped and killed by bandits daily. The economy of Birnin-Gwari which relies majorly on farming has been seriously crippled. Today, people could no longer access their farmlands due to insecurity. Most basic schools were closed and transportation halted affecting trading.”

“Farming Communities are being sacked by bandits almost everyday and people majorly women and children are becoming internally displaced on daily basis. Even today as I am writing this congratulatory message, the Community is on the other hand at grief because even on last Sunday night, Dadin Kowa village has been attacked and sacked by bandits on motorcycles wielding different kinds of riffles.
In another sad development, yesterday Sunday 28/5/2023, being a day to your inauguration, large number of people including women and children were kidnapped on the road along Dogon Hawa, just about two kilometers away from the Birnin-Gwari main town.”

“Disturbingly, the armed bandits continue to impose levies on farming Communities in the area. Just this week, the bandits imposed N10 million levies on three farming Communities, namely; Sabon-Layi, Tashar Keji and Ruwan Rana where they give these Communities grace of three days, which expires Tuesday 30/5/2023, to meet up this demand or be attacked. These have become the orders of the day. In fact, just three days ago, Birnin-Gwari capital was stormed by the bandits where people were abducted including teenage girls. Some school children in the Eastern part of Birnin-Gwari who were abducted on their way to schools are still in captivity for over hundred days now. However, we hope this administration can take decisive action to address this problem.”

“As the President of Nigeria, His Excellency has the power to ensure that the people of Birnin-Gwari live their lives in peace and security where they can freely continue to exploit economic and educational potentials without fear of attacks by these terrorists. We hereby urge Mr. President to prioritize the security of the people and take immediate steps to address the situation. This may involve deploying additional security personnel to the area and implementing a functional community policing strategy among others.”

“It is our hope that, under His Excellency’s leadership, the situation in Birnin-Gwari will be resolved and the people of the community can live their lives without fear of violence. We wish him all the best as he takes on the challenges of leadership, and we look forward to seeing the positive changes that his administration will bring to the people of Birnin-Gwari and Nigeria at large.”

“Please accept the citizens of Birnin-Gwari sincere congratulations once again. May you have the strength, wisdom, and perseverance to overcome any obstacles that come your way, and may the Nigerian people experience a new era of prosperity, stability, and harmony under your visionary leadership.Congratulations Mr. President!”