The Arts

May 23, 2023

In YomiSax’s Breathe, serenity meets artistic brilliance

In YomiSax’s Breathe, serenity meets artistic brilliance

By Osa Amadi

With a dreamy intro comprising piano notes paired with rhythmic R&B beats, and mesmerising tone of his tenor saxophone, YomiSax, in ‘Breathe’, enchants his listeners with soothing sounds suitable for a journey of retrospection, introspection, laughter and love. 

Surely, with his latest offering from his debut EP, Expression, the fast- rising jazz act is currently making waves with his unique take on exploring the jazz genre through fusion with other idioms to appeal to a broader range of music lovers. 

Breathe, as the track title connotes, is sufficiently mirrored in the song’s structure. It is a remarkable fusion of contemporary jazz and diverse genres that trace its roots to R&B and Afrobeats, once again showcasing his innovative approach to welding genres with a little compromise for authenticity. Indeed, with ‘Breathe’, YomiSax invites listeners on a captivating journey to explore the limitless bounds of his creativity. 

Religiously following in the pattern of ‘Expression’, the only other track on the EP, ‘Breathe’ carves out an identity for itself by maintaining a tempo that envelops the listener in an atmosphere of tranquility. 

The delicate whispers of brushed drums and the soft caress of the piano chords dance effortlessly in the air. With each exhale of the saxophone, the track takes flight, guiding us through a captivating sonic landscape filled with improvisational brilliance and artistic expression.

The artistry displayed within ‘Breathe’ is nothing short of extraordinary. YomiSax, with a keen understanding of jazz expressive potential, weaves a tapestry of melodic motifs that unfold like a deeply introspective conversation between musicians. The nuances in his performance reveal a fluidity that elicits a range of emotions from the listener, bringing to life melancholic expressions. 

The production quality of ‘Breathe’ is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that went into its creation. The track exudes a warm and intimate ambience, drawing the listener closer to the heart of the music. Each instrument is masterfully captured, allowing the subtle nuances and delicate tonal colours to shine through. 

With this track, YomiSax not only showcases his technical virtuosity but also the ability to evoke profound emotional depth through his artistry. The track serves as a reminder to pause, to take a moment to breathe deeply and connect with the transcendent power of music. It is an invitation to reflect, find solace in the soothing melodies, and embrace the transformative journey that jazz offers.

‘Breathe’ is a sublime masterpiece that exemplifies the ingenuity and beauty of jazz. It is a triumph of artistic expression, deserving of accolades and recognition within the vibrant landscape of contemporary jazz.