May 22, 2023

GAC Motor Nigeria Unveils Revolutionary Car Swap Program – Swap your aging GAC Motor vehicle for a futuristic upgrade that sets new standards

GAC Motor Nigeria Unveils Revolutionary Car Swap Program

GAC Motor Nigeria, the trailblazer in the automotive industry, made history with the announcement
of its highly-anticipated Car Swap Program. This groundbreaking initiative, unveiled during a
momentous ceremony on the 18th of May 2023, revolutionizes the Nigerian automotive landscape
by allowing GAC Motor owners to exchange their old vehicles for new ones, ushering in a new era of
luxury, performance, and innovation.

The event brought together an esteemed line-up of notable guests, including Jubril Arogundade, GM
Commercial of CIG Motors; and the renowned Nollywood actress, Ms Bisola Aiyeola. The ceremony
captivated the audience as it showcased the vision of GAC Motor Nigeria, which aims to provide a
seamless transition and elevate the driving experience for its valued customers.

The highlight of the event came when Bisola Aiyeola, a proud GAC Motor owner and brand
enthusiast, took centre stage to swap her trusted GS4 for the All-New GS4 Smart SUV. Bisola’s
endorsement of the Car Swap Program symbolizes the commitment of GAC Motor Nigeria to deliver
unmatched experiences and signifies the elevated standards of luxury and innovation the program

Mr Jubril Arogundade, GM Commercial of CIG Motors, the sole distributor of GAC Motor vehicles in
Nigeria, expressed his excitement and emphasized the program’s benefits about the Car Swap
Program: “Today, we are revolutionizing the Nigerian automotive industry with our Car Swap
Program. This initiative showcases our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and
unparalleled customer experiences. We believe in empowering our customers to embrace the future
of mobility with confidence and style. The Car Swap Program is a game-changer for Nigerian car
users. It allows them to effortlessly upgrade to the latest GAC Motor vehicles, ensuring they always
have access to the pinnacle of luxury and innovation. We are proud to offer this exceptional
opportunity to our valued customers.”

Bisola Aiyeola, the acclaimed Nollywood actress and GAC Motor owner, shared her enthusiasm for
the program: “I am excited to participate in the GAC team’s swap program, where I will be upgrading
my old GS to a new and improved model. Reflecting on my experience with the old GS4, I must say it
was truly remarkable. For individuals seeking a vehicle that offers excellent financial management,
long-lasting durability, and fuel efficiency, I highly recommend the GAC GS4. Speaking from personal
experience, it is the epitome of automotive excellence. Thank you sincerely for this opportunity.”

The Car Swap Program represents GAC Motor Nigeria’s unwavering dedication to transforming the
driving landscape in Nigeria. By enabling customers to effortlessly exchange their old vehicles for
new ones, GAC Motor Nigeria is rewriting the rules of luxury and redefining what it means to drive in

As the event concluded, attendees were left in awe of GAC Motor Nigeria’s vision, commitment to
innovation, and unwavering dedication to providing Nigerian car users with a truly world-class
automotive experience