April 23, 2023

UN Language Day: Why we’re promoting China-France-Nigeria cultural exchange – Chinese community

UN Language Day: Why we’re promoting China-France-Nigeria cultural exchange – Chinese community

By Dapo Akinrefon

As part of efforts to increase its cultural presence, China, through one of its cultural group in Nigeria, Hua Xing Arts Troupe, took its cultural studies to Lycée Français Louis Pasteur de Lagos, a French international school in Lagos.

The event is part of the United Nations Chinese Language Day celebrations, which is celebrated on 20th of April of every year.

Children were taught different dance moves.

Some of the cultural performances on displayed were Lion dance, Waist drum dance, Fan dance, French rhyme rendition and Wushu Kungfu display.

Speaking at the event, the acting Consul General of the Chinese Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in Lagos, Mr Jin Mingyu expressed delight over the development.

 Jin Mingyu said: “I am very happy today because it is the UN Chinese language day and today’s event is themed on China, France and Nigeria cultural exchange. Chinese language is very important as well as every other language.

“What we are highlighting today is the cultural exchange which includes language.”

Also speaking, the French Consulate General in Lagos, M Catino, who spoke through the school principal, M Malrieu said, “It’s a great show to recall the ties that unite France, China and Nigeria, We, French, carry the values of sharing and exchanging Inter-culturality, and I think that makes today is a very important day; truly, it shows that we can all live together for great sailing moments.”

On his part, chairman of the Chinese Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Association and Hua Xing Arts Trouoe in Nigeria, Dr Eric Ni said: “Understanding each countries culture will promote mutual understanding and respect between those countries.”

Besides, Ni said: “There are many Chinese living in Nigeria today and in doing business together, we need to understand ourselves, communicate with ourselves. For instance, I speak pidgin english which I learned here in Nigeria, that is the importance of culture.”

China, France and Nigeria are strong trading partners, with the current visit of French President to China, the relationship hope to be more stronger economically and culturally.