April 1, 2023

Political grievances, key driver of insecurity in Nigeria — Int’l alert 

insecurity in Nigeria

Boko Haram fighters

 By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

Insecurity across the country has been linked to political grievances that arose among citizens.

The Country Director, of International Alert, Paul Bemshima Nyulaku who spoke in Kaduna at the launch of the Access to Justice and Accountability Project in Kaduna and Zamfara states, said political grievances were the key drivers of social unrest in Nigeria. 

He said the trust of communities in their leaders and the government was eroding as most of their concerns and grievances remained unaddressed.

“The violence is rooted in competition over natural resources between herders and the predominant farmers which has escalated amidst a rise in organized crime, including cattle rustling, kidnapping for ransom and village raids,” he said.

“Political grievances are one of the key drivers of insecurity across the country, however, the trust of communities in their leaders and the government is eroding as most of their concerns and grievances remain unaddressed, hence, the need to strengthen community capacities for resolving past and emerging disputes while ensuring that local justice mechanisms are used to provide opportunities for survivors and excluded groups to seek redress by being part of decision-making processes, especially on matters that concern them.”

The Executive Vice Chairman of the Kaduna State Peace Commission, Saleh Momale in his speech, called on communities to take the initiative that will protect lives and property.

He called on citizens to work towards eliminating bad elements and to also promote stability, access to Justice and Accountability in North West Nigeria.

Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs in Kaduna State, Samuel Aruwan said that the state government since inception has been working towards achieving lasting peace in the state and called on the media to always reflect peace in their reportage.

While giving an overview of the project, the Program Manager, of International Alert, Anicetus Atakpu said the project was aimed at preventing gender-based violence to ensure the attainment of trust and peaceful coexistence.

The project which started in February in Kaduna and Zamfara state, he said, was expected to last for 18 months and would be spread across four local governments and eight communities.