April 26, 2023

Ndulue Kenechukwu: Talent managers ensure artists can focus on their craft

Ndulue Kenechukwu: Talent managers ensure artists can focus on their craft

Without their managers, many talented artists who are well-known and doing great might have found it difficult to have scaled the heights they did.

Artists need a good manager behind them to make the most of their talent and fulfill their true potential. A good manager can make a huge difference in the long run. With an ace manager in your corner, artists can scale new heights and focus on their craft.

Being a good manager is something Ndulue Kenechukwu popularly known as Onlyonekesh has turned into a philosophy he governs his life by.

“True artists are a rare breed, and they need to be treated accordingly,” explained the talent manager. “If they have to worry about the bookings, marketing, promoting, touring schedules, financial issues, and the million and one other things that can cause you a headache in this industry, then they’re not free to focus solely on their art. And I know from experience, a distracted artist is not firing on all cylinders and being true to their talent.”

According to Onlyonekesh, an artiste should not have to worry about the business side of life. Instead, they should put all their effort into honing their skills and creating true masterpieces. That’s the whole point of hiring a competent and talented artist manager.

Onlyonekesh has spent some years in the entertainment industry helping artists discover just what they are capable of if they’ve got someone watching their back and taking care of day-to-day business. He was born in the 1990s when Hip-Hop and R&B were already hitting parade, and the music struck a definite chord with him.

Onlyonekesh said, “I started listening to Dr. Dre, Ice-T, Ice Cube, and co. They made a huge impression on me. I knew then I wanted to be involved in some capacity in that scene and that culture.”

“I didn’t have the chops to make it as an artist, but I did have a natural flair and affinity for business, networking, marketing, and publicity, and so I thought, ‘If the artist has got a job to do, and I’ve got a job to do, and we both do our jobs to the best of our abilities without treading on one another’s toes, we can create something special together.”

Having created ‘something special’ with numerous acts, Onlyonekesh is currently among the fastest-growing talent managers to look out for in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He’s managing the affairs of music star, Berri-tiga.

He is currently working closely with Berri-tiga on an album that would be released in 2023.

Speaking about scouting for more talent on YouTube, SoundCloud, and numerous other platforms for undiscovered gems. He said, “The next big thing is out there, and they’re waiting to not just be discovered but to meet someone like me.

“Someone who has belief in them, who knows the industry, who is connected, and who respects them on every level as an artiste and will do everything their power to showcase them to the world and make them a household name.”