April 1, 2023

March Salary: Osun APC, PDP tango over payment delay


Shina Abubakar, Osogbo

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Osun and the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, locked horns over the PDP-led administration’s failure to pay salaries for March.

While the PDP Caretaker Chairman, Akindele Adekunle in a statement on Saturday claimed that the state government said salary payment to civil servants was delayed due to computation of promotion arrears to be part of the salary, the APC claimed the State Governor might have grounded the state within four months as he had no plans of moving the state forward.

According to the PDP Chairman, the Osun state APC is financially illiterate, hence its gullible reaction to the state’s finance. Governor Adeleke is a leader who has kept every promise he made to the people of Osun state. Widely named “a talk and do Governor”, Governor Adeleke’s popularity has moved from 70 per cent to over 90 per cent in the last three months. His job approval rating is beyond 80 per cent. APC rating is below 10 per cent as evidenced by recent surveys and the outcome of recent elections.

“Osun state workers understand the imperative of the delay from last week as it was meant to serve their interest, to ensure payment of their long-awaited promotion arrears which the last APC government denied them. They know they will soon start receiving alerts from Monday.

“Workers across the sector are appreciative of Governor Ademola Adeleke’s innovative and shrewd handling of state’s finance which addresses the basic needs of the people and attends to the critical infrastructural needs of the state.

“After failing for four years to pay the promotion arrears, contributory pensions and the half salary of workers in Osun state, the APC is shamed by the sterling records of Adeleke’s administration which include clearing all the messy legacy of the previous government. This explains its unfounded vituperations and false alarm.on Osun finance.

“I want to assure the shameless APC leadership that the Adeleke administration is managing Osun resources very judiciously with the best interest of the people at heart. PDP Government is not a sadist led government of Gboyega Oyetola which thrived in human wickedness and man’s inhumanity to man.

“The PDP government met a state already run aground by the APC but is now with ingenuity taking the state out of doldrums by focusing on human development, revival of abandoned infrastructure and delivery of urgent social services like water and health services”, it reads.

However, the APC in a statement signed by the Acting Chairman, Tajudeen Lawal and made available to journalists by its Media Director Kola Olabisi, described the reason for the delay in the payment of the March salaries as flimsy, untenable and sleazy, which is skillfully fabricated by the governor and his co-travellers to deceive the unsuspecting government workers in the state.

According to the statement, “a gentleman’s bond is his words. It would be recalled that Adeleke promised heaven and heart during the governorship campaign that he would never exceed 26th of the month before he pays the workers.

“The reality on the ground now is that Adeleke has blown on frivolities all the funds that he inherited from his predecessor and those that accrued to his government to the extent that he cannot pay the salaries of the workers again as and when due.

“Adeleke is stylishly awaiting March federal allocation from Abuja before he could accomplish his governmental obligations with reference to the payment of the workers’ salaries.

“Lawal queried the nexus between the payment of promotion arrears of staff and payment of the staff salaries which is a statutory monthly obligation of any government?

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