Vanguard Money Digest

April 4, 2023

Ingenium Concepts to train 4 millon SMEs on customer service for economic growth 

Connect Nigeria

By Peter Egwuatu

Ingenium Concepts Limited in partnership with the National Customer Service Association (NCSA) based in the United State of America has begun a training session on its mission to train 4 million Africans in the act of customer service this year. 

The Managing Director/CEO, Ingenium Concept Limited, Jennifer Orode, in an interview with Vanguard during a media interaction stated : ” The training programme initiative is aimed at equipping participants with the core skills of excellence customer service to help reduce the gap in what ever industry and grow the economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product, GDP.”

While commenting on the 

Theme:”Be That Exceptional Customer Service Representative”, she said:” Training sessions are being held virtually in cohorts throughout the year. The first cohort for the year 2023 will start today (Friday) and it will be led by me, a  globally certified Customer Service Expert and Principal CEO, Ingenium Concepts Limited. I am also being referred as Coach Jennifer Orode. The training is targeted at the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, SMEs and other organisations across all sectors. SMEs can do better and help grow our economy. The customer service representatives can be exception at service.”

Continuing, she said:” Business cultures, strategies, structures are such things that  improve on organizational performance. SMEs can do better, grow and impact on our economy. We also help starters. If they are registered and cannot be branded we help trained them to be branded.”

On the aim of the training, she said: ” The training is to help SMEs or organisations to be customer eccentric in order to be able to grow and sustain their businesses.It is about how customer service representatives can be exceptional at service. What it means is the practicality of service. You will have the information and  knowledge to deal with customers. Many SMEs out there don’t know how to service their customers and that is why we see horrible service that affect them. In fact customer services affect the business cultures and the training is not only for customer service staff  but for the Human Resources, HR, Accountant and even the security quards at the gate. Every employee needs this training and that is why we are calling on everyone to take advantage of this training that is free of charge. Every one in an organisation is qualified for this training. We need to be our neighbours keepers. You live by service. It is a way of life and it is not a career. At some point you the business owner is also a customer.”

Furthermore, she added:” We are in partnership with NCSA to have this programme to  train 4 million people annually across Africa. It is not just only West Africa, we will run it in South Africa,  East Africa and Central Africa. It is going to run for a minimum of five years. We want the economy of Africa to be better. If you have a platform or cluster of SMEs why not join us so that we can work together. The programme will run every quarter  with one million people and its a day. We stream this across all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,  Youtube , zoom etc.”