April 20, 2023

How FCDA illegally demolished our warehouses, Firms cry out

How FCDA illegally demolished our warehouses, Firms cry out

By Ezra Ukanwa, Abuja

Piramen Ventures Limited and Emotan Global Venture Limited have accused the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) of illegally demolishing its warehouse at Zauda, Abuja.

The General Manager of Piramen Ventures Limited, Haruna Musa, told journalists, yesterday in Abuja that the land was duly purchased with authentic papers.

Musa explained that about six months ago, the FCDA had demolished the fence and security post of the warehouse, an act that prompted the owner to seek legal redress.

He wondered why the FCT authorities did not wait for the outcome of the court before going ahead with the demolition.

He lamented that goods worth billions of naira were destroyed.

“About six months ago, the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) came and demolished the fence, five offices and security post of our warehouse.

“This happened after our boss was in the United Kingdom. Yesterday, the FCDA came again and demolished the main warehouse where we store our materials without notice.

Expensive materials were inside when they carried out the demolition. They came with about 16 Hilux van filled with security personnel.

“They sent away our security men and demolished everything. We have two mining companies producing and storing our materials inside.

Our managing director went to the FCDA and they verified and confirmed the authenticity of the land before it was purchased.

We wrote a letter to FCDA for the authentication of the land we bought, which ordinarily was supposed to take one month for their reply but they did not oblige neither did they they serve us with any notice until yesterday afternoon.”

Consequently, Musa demanded full compensation and public apology from the FCDA for the embarrassment that the demolition has cost the company.