April 20, 2023

Christ’s visitation’ll turn around things for Ghana, others, Kumuyi assures


By Gabriel Ewepu, Abuja

As six days Global Crusade with Kumuyi, GCK, commences today (Thursday) and ends next week Tuesday, in Accra, the capital of Ghana, a global evangelist and Convener, GCK, Pastor William Kumuyi, has assured Christ’s visitation to turn around things for Ghana and other countries of the world.

Kumuyi gave the assurance while fielding questions from journalists on his arrival for the six-day Global Crusade with the theme ‘Glorious Visitation from Christ’ at the Independence Square, Osu, Accra, Ghana, along with other programmes on the sidelines; The Ministers and Profesionals’ Conference with the theme ‘Enabling Grace and Power for End Time Harvest’ slated for Friday, Monday and Tuesday; and Impact Academy for Teenagers, Campus Students, Corps Members, and Young Adults slated for Saturday with the theme ‘Upward to Higher Heights’.

He said: “And Jesus said if you had known the time of your visitation. And thank God we are waking up that in our own time with the problem in Africa and the West and the rest of the world, Christ now comes to us I pray we will know the time of our visitation, glorious visitation, and things would turn around even for us.

“And this programme we are starting on Thursday, on the 20th of this month. From what we have seen in other places God has decided to lift up Jesus in all the areas of His ministry.

“He was teaching, he was preaching, he was healing the sick and we have seen miracles that we have never seen in our ministry, in my ministry before because this is for the whole world.

“We have seen people saved, and really transformed, their life-changing bringing glory to God.

“We have also seen miracles of healing and deliverance. In fact, we have seen the dead raised back to life to the glory of God.

“And from the heart desire of the people in Ghana, the church in Ghana I believe we are going to witness what we have never seen in any other place.

“And for the ministers’ conference too, the Lord is going to wake us up. We are already awake but we are going to go far in the ministry in Jesus’ name.

“And also for the young people, the youth. I have something burning in my heart for the young people as our lady minister said, just at about 28 I should link up and connect very well with the young people and the young people they have Upward to Higher Heights.

“Your children and your young people and even people who are not claiming to be Christians or members of churches, we are inviting everyone.

“Whatever we can do to prepare this young generation for the churches of the future, for the country of the future or till Christ comes, this is our time.”

He further stated that “God has lifted up Ghana and now Ghana is on the spot and we are going to show not just crusade but the whole of Ghana to the rest of the world and Ghana becomes the source of miracles, the source of power and the source of all that people are desiring for the rest of the world. Why Ghana praise the Lord it’s Ghana at this time.”

Meanwhile, commended the solid unity of the body of Christ in Ghana as all churches are cooperating, working together and labouring to ensure a successful hosting of the GCK

“I must say that I am overwhelmed and awed by the unity of the church in Ghana for this GCK.

“We have seen such unity in other places but I want to say for a whole country and for the whole church of different perspectives or persuasions to come together to lift up Jesus and to have the Word of Christ, the Gospel of the Lord reach out to the whole nation and from the nation to the rest of the world.

“It is awesome and I want to thank God for you for fulfilling the prayers of the Lord Jesus, that they all may be one that the world may know that the Father had sent him”, he said.