April 1, 2023

ChatGTP picks 10 best Nigerian songs of all time

ChatGTP picks 10 best Nigerian songs of all time

By Agbonkhese Oboh

While Davido’s “Timeless” is still topping charts across the globe, we stepped back to indulge AI rave, ChatGTP, on its taste in music.

We asked the “robot” to tell us the 10 best Nigerian songs.

It first explained how it works:

“As an AI language model, I don’t have personal preferences, but here are 10 Nigerian songs (in no particular order) that have had a significant impact and are considered classics.”

Then the songs:

• “Palongo” by Orlando Owoh

• “Sweet Mother” by Prince Nico Mbarga

• “Iyawo Mi” by Timi Dakolo

“Send Down the Rain” by Majek Fashek

• “Zombie” by Fela Kuti

• “Konko Below” by Lagbaja

• “Olufunmi” by Styl-Plus

“African Queen” by 2Baba

• “Osinachi” by Humblesmith ft. Davido

• “Joromi” by Sir Victor Uwaifo

It’s opinion

Obviously not wanting to offend anyone, ChatGTP paid homage to other artistes and their songs:

“This is just a sample of the many great Nigerian songs out there, and there are many more talented artists and songs to discover,” it noted.

However, it was observed that ChatGTP presented a slightly different list every time same question was asked.

So the AI was asked “How do you generate answers to questions and queries?”

It gave the response reproduced below:

“As an AI language model, I use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to understand and interpret the meaning of questions posed in natural language.

“I rely on vast amounts of text data, such as books, websites, and other sources of information, to learn and acquire knowledge on a wide range of topics.

“When a user asks a question, I analyze the question, identify the key concepts and entities, and search my database to retrieve the most relevant information that can answer the question.

“I then generate a response using natural language generation techniques that best addresses the user’s query.”

It seems ChatGTP has 1) insured itself against any ‘unpalatable’ response you get, and 2) insinuated that it will only get better as its developers work more.

ChatGPT is an artificial-intelligence, AI, chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 30, 2022.OpenAI was founded by Elon Musk and Silicon Valley investor Sam Altman in 2015.