April 1, 2023

Charly Boy still defiant, positive after prostate cancer surgery

Charly Boy

•Says ‘Don’t die in silence, share your problems

Self-acclaimed Area Fada and president of frustrated Nigerians Charly Boy Oputa earlier in the week emerged from a Lagos-based surgical theatre of an undisclosed hospital after undergoing a medical procedure to alleviate his prostate cancer issues.

But he was still talking tough about how he would defeat the ailment seen as one of the greatest killers of black men
In a chat with FRED IWENJORA yesterday after being wheeled out of the theatre, Oputa gave a thumbs up and victory sign adding that “it was a serious procedure made so simple by my doctor who was full of encouragement before and after the surgery”.

According to him, this is not the first battle I have fought and won and I will win this one.

He encouraged men to face the scourge of prostate cancer squarely by testing and seeking remedy earlier because early detection guarantees success in its treatment.

In his words “when I broke the news of my managing prostate cancer to you, I told you I won’t go down without a fight. I hereby reiterate that statement.

“I urge men to share their medical conditions with friends and family so as not to die in silence.

“A problem shared is half solved. It is for this reason that I am discussing my health matters publicly so that my fellow men will learn from my experience. My doctor is very happy with my progress so far during and after the surgery.”

It would be recalled that Saturday Vanguard broke the news of the prostate health issues of the former president of PMAN in whose tenure Nigerian artists started international collaborations with his modifying the relationship between Wyclef Jean and Tubaba and Sound Sultan.

In that chat, Oputa announced that he had been managing prostate health issues adding that he would join the Walk 4 Life activity to create awareness of the scourge of prostate cancer.

He also has spoken extensively about the importance of early detection at every auspicious forum.