March 25, 2023

Why I am the best P2P innovator in Nigeria – EZE SAMUEL

Why I am the best P2P innovator in Nigeria – EZE SAMUEL

One of the earliest peer-to-peer (P2P) innovator in Nigeria is Eze Samuel. He was even awarded by CBN. Eze Samuel is the founder of Criset Multiconcept Services, who has always made the development of tech power and solutions in Nigeria, a priority.

The indigene of Udi local government of Enugu state started in 2018 when he founded Criset Multiconcept Services to offer IT consultation to tech companies across the world. To know what formed Samuel and what makes him tick, it is pertinent to reveal that his background formed him. Born by a business soldier, he got his business acumen growing up.

Having built over 50 software applications and managed even a larger number, Criset Multiconcept is one of the IT organization that leverages on smart technology to provide a one-stop tech consulting solution to various industries and sectors especially block chain technology. Speaking to Samuel Eze in a recent interview on his success story, he takes us down a few noteworthy ventures the company had worked on and leveraged on to grow. “We founded a block chain wallet called Criset wallet. With this, its users can send, trade and receive fund with ease via the transparency of block chain technology. In 2020, we launched an application named E-laundry to help make doing laundry easy for average Nigerians. This would enable them to go about their work and businesses without being bothered about what to wear. In the same year, we also started a Flex stores & eateries Nig. Ltd which deals with restaurant setup and accessories. Riding on that, by December of 2020, we had launched the eatery ‘Flex in Abuja and also launched the bakery in February 2021.”

We also launched a marketing agency called Guerillaway LLC registered in the United States where we offer guerilla marketing services to organizations seeking to market their product across the globe, since then till date we have provided our service to over 60 business in Europe, Asia and Africa”, he recounts.

Eze Samuel has been recognized on several occasions for his contribution to the advancement of digital solution. One of which he received an award from CBN for beings the person with the highest p2p e-naira transactions in Nigeria. For someone that has always been technology driven, he finds creative ways to use technology to make life easier and all his ventures shows same. “In 2022, we founded LuxuryPrime Real Estate, which is a company that focus in providing affordable smart homes to Nigerians. We are building one of the first technology estate in Nigerian and till date we now have presence in Abuja, Lagos and Kigali Rwanda, with a goal to be in at least 10 Nigerian states by the end of 2024 and also 5 African countries,” he concludes.