March 16, 2023

Tiv Youth Council Worldwide endorses Rev Fr Alia for Benue Governor


The umbrella body of the Tiv Youth Worldwide has endorsed the candidature of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Rev. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia for the March 18th, 2023 Gubernatorial race in Benue State.

The Tiv Youth group rose from a meeting held to consider the credentials, working document and pedigree of the candidates vying for the position of Governor of the state, with a view to arriving at a candidate who truly represents the yearning and aspirations of the Benue people, most especially the Youth.

The president of the Tiv Youth Council Worldwide, Hon. Mike Msuaan made the position of the group known  in a press release in Makurdi, Benue State.

According to the Tiv Youth group, the  PDP government in the state has lost focus and cannot be trusted with leadership any more.

He stated that, the inability of the present PDP government to tackle simple issues of governance has disqualified anyone contesting for such exalted position on the platform, worse of all, promising to continue with the draconian policies of the Samuel Ortom administration.

”  In arriving at this position, we have painstakingly considered the working document of the various candidates, their pedigree and ability to meet the yearnings of the people. Rev. Dr Hyacinth Alia, has worked in the rural areas for several years and bests understands the difficulty our people are going through.”

The Tiv Youth Council Worldwide passed a vote of no confidence on the Present administration of the PDP having failed to tackle any challenge confronting the state. 

” Over the years, the PDP government failed to tackle the issue of insecurity in the state. The people have been living in IDP camps without any effort at resetting them. There has been no major development in the state, workers and pensioners have continued to suffer untold hardship, occasioned by the notorious non payment despite bailouts and other intervention funds sent by the federal government to the state “

The Tiv Youth group, admonished the people to reject, Hon. Titus Uba, of the PDP, who as speaker has aided and abetted the maladministration in the state by mindlessly approving loans for the Ortom administration without anything to show for it.

The president of the Tiv Youth Council stated that, it had at many occasions in the past called on the Ortom administration to retrace its step and work for the  interest people but it all fell on deaf ears.

The administration has impoverished the state and disconnected the state from the federal government.

Hon. Msuaan, called on Benue voters to vote Rev. Alia, on the 18th, March gubernatorial elections and jealously defend their votes against rigging and manipulation.