March 27, 2023

Suspension: Anyim lied against PDP to conceal his support for APC – Onyike

Pius Anyim

..decision to revert to original arrangement by PDP was not unilateral – Ebonyi PDP Chair

By Peter Okutu

The Media Adviser, to the 2023 Peoples Democratic Party,, PDP Governorship Candidate,

Ebonyi State, Chief Abia Onyike, Monday explained how the former Senate President, Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim lied in a press statement, in order to cover up the reasons behind his support for the All Progressives Congress, APC’s Governor-elect, Rt. Hon. Francis Nwifuru, in the State.

But in a swift reaction, the Chairman of PDP, Ebonyi State, Tochukwu Okorie who explained that Abia Onyike “was celebrating a decision of the PDP National Working Committee to continue on the path of self-destruction as the drama of the gradual dismemberment of the party continues” added that “the decision to revert to that original arrangement by PDP was not unilateral. It was taken at the meeting of the State Executive Committee (SEC), the highest policy-making organ of the party, in the interest of equity. “

Disclosing this in a statement, Onyike, asked that “If Sen. Anyim was being sincere to himself and the Party, why did he not ab initio support any of the PDP Governorship aspirants, from Ebonyi North, such as Engr. Fidelis Nwankwo, Hon. Sylvester Ogbaga etc.”

According to him, “The embattled former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, chose to lie against the Party, in a letter he sent to the National Working Committee of the Party, dated 24th March, 2023, whereupon he tried to justify his barefaced treachery and open betrayal of the party during the just concluded Governorship and House of Assembly Elections.

“Sen. Anyim claimed that the “PDP NWC imposed a candidate from the sitting Governor’s zone, contrary to the zoning formulae in the state”. He further said that he was “proud to have supported the APC Gubernatorial candidate in Ebonyi State to win the elections because it conforms to the equitable formulae in Ebonyi State”.

“But Anyim deliberately refused to state his own role during the 2022 PDP Primaries in Ebonyi State As a pre-eminent Leader of the Party in the state, Anyim failed to provide leadership when it mattered most. First of all, he unilaterally started supporting Sen. Obinna Ogba from Ebonyi Central Senatorial Zone for the 2023 Governorship ticket. 

“After Sen. Ogba lost out to Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii from Ebonyi South, Sen. Anyim smartly turned round to claim that he supported the APC candidate, Hon. Ogbonnaya Nwifuru because it was the turn of Ebonyi North to produce the Governor in Ebonyi State in 2023.

“To worsen the situation, Sen. Anyim came up with the idea of block politics. to cover up his inconsistencies and weak leadership traits. He falsely claimed that it was the turn of Abakaliki block. When reminded to re-examine the implication of introducing Abakaliki/Afikpo block equation, and jettisoning the three Senatorial Zones, he became non-plussed. 

“Sen. Anyim should recall a meeting held in his house during the early period before the 2022 PDP Primaries when Dr. Odii opined that it would be better to continue the power rotation on the basis of Senatorial Districts rather than political block arrangement. Odii favoured a collective resolve for Ebonyi North to produce the Governor but Sen. Anyim was not willing to give up on Sen. Ogba. Present at that meeting were Sen. Mike Ama Nnachi and Chief Julius Ama Oji( Ochiri).

“For Sen. Anyim to turn round today to pretend to be a champion of a non-existent Charter of Equity” shows that he is playing to the gallery. He had to manufacture a lie to justify his support for APC during the elections.”

Continuing, the PDP Chairman, in a statement titled”ABIA ONYIKE’S WORSENING SYMPTOMS, A CAUSE FOR CONCERN” pointed out that Abia “muses gleefully as they keep attempting to throw under the bus high profile members who ordinarily should help the party heal from the festering wound inflicted on it by unbridled greed of the same NWC. Whether Onyike likes to hear it or not however, the real leaders of PDP will eventually take back their party and rebuild it, and the likes ofAbia Onyike will then have only their wounds to lick.

“As for Ebonyi, the ship sailed long ago. We advise Abia Onyike, therefore, to devise another intelligent means of keeping his victim blindfolded without having to have Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim on his lips all the time. Or better still, he should get a livelihood.”

“We are worried, though, that Onyike has consistently displayed symptoms usually associated with dementia and sincerely hope that those around him would be kind enough to keep an eye on him. The dictionary defines dementia as “a condition characterized by progressive or persistent loss of intellectual functioning, especially with impairment of memory and abstract thinking, and often with personality change, resulting from organic disease of the brain”. Abia Onyike’s case appears to be an emergency.

“While we sympathize with his puerile effort at regenerating public discourse around his aberrant, now decrepit political adventure, Onyike needs be told that he is totally incapable of bullying anyone, let alone, a man of Sen. Anyim’s sagacity. If Onyike were worth his Igbo name and ancestry, he would not so flimsily be ruining his own life in his mindless irreverence.

“Someone should tell him that it is no display of valour when a man squares up to his father in a fight, it is the height of foolishness. Abia Onyike has continuously challenged his chi to a wrestling contest simply because he thinks he has eaten to his fill. A child who dares lift his father off the ground should expect that he will be blinded by the father’s apron. Only efulefus wilfully desecrate the land by the impudence of removing the cap from the head of an elder. Wise sayings of our ancestors.”

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