2023 elections

March 18, 2023

Polls: Late arrival of materials, officials in Obio Akpor

By Egufe Yafugbrhi

IT’S 9:35 and materials an officials are only just arriving Rumuola Units at the heart of Obio Akpor LGA in Rivers state.

Waiting voters are however calm as the INEC officials set up for commencement.

Materials have arrived Rumuola Units Rumuola Ward 13 – Units 12, 13, 53 and 49 as monitored by Vanguard at the time of filing this update.

There are indications that the threats in several communities by town criers warning those not willing to vote PDP to stay off the exercise may have induced critical voter apathy.

The gathering of voters in the observed polling units are so scanty, mainly made of indigenes, against the situation in 25 February when voters turnout was huge with the results declared however falling shot of the large turn out at the time.