March 16, 2023

Polls: Don’t be intimidated, focus on the goal of rescuing Lagos — Monye tells Obidients


Head of Volunteer mobilization and strategy for the GRV campaign, Morris Monye has urged all Obidients supporters in Lagos to troop out and vote massively for all Labour party candidates contesting the election on Saturday, March 18 2023.

Monye admonished obidients in Lagos to remain steadfast in their resolve to rescue the state from plunderers, he alleged have turned the state into their personal ATM thereby impoverishing the people.

He noted that the only party capable of bringing true change to the state is Labour Party and the party presents candidates, like Gbadebo Rhode Vivour who have a good understanding of governance.

Monye assured Labour party supporters of the provision of adequate security for all electorate during the election.

He condemned all acts of thuggery that are capable of undermining the polls by scaring away voters.

In a telephone interview with our correspondent, Monye told Vanguard that “election is not war, people should be allowed to vote the candidates of their choice”.

He said the good people of Lagos have accepted Rhodes Vivour as their next governor and those planning mayhem will be resisted.

“The security agents should ensure that all electorates are adequately protected as this is the only means of ensuring a violent free election”.

“Those planning to scare innocent Nigerians away from. voting will be resisted, stopped and arrested. Lagosians should be ready to vote and defend their votes and must not be intimidated by anyone no matter the situation.”

Monye noted that the 2023 elections have presented opportunities for Nigerians to change bad leaders.

Monye urged all supporters of the party in Surulere to vote for Olumide Oworu, saying he will bring true democratic dividends to the people of his constituency.