March 18, 2023

Oshiomhole alleges connivance with security agencies to destroy voting materials in Edo


By Ozioruva Aliu, BENIN CITY

FORMER governor of Edo state and now senator-elect, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has accused the Peoples Democratic Party-led administration in Edo state of compromising security agencies which allegedly give cover to suspected thugs to disrupt elections in areas where the All Progress Congress (APC) was winning.

   Accessing the credibility of the election, Oshiomhole said in a short video that “Our election can be better because what is happening in many places is terrible.

   “In Sobe (Owan West local government area) the security people were supervising the destruction of polling unit materials, while security was present some thugs came and had a free hand destroying election materials. I called the police and the Commissioner of Police said they are not to look beyond certain areas, how can you monitor a place if you are not to prevent criminality?

   “They are using vigilante groups to shoot, which is not right. Nigerians are peaceful but you have politicians who are desperate. Because Obaseki and Philip lost their units in the last election, this time they are determined that wherever they are not winning, they will destroy them and disrupt the election. In Sobe, out of 17 units, they destroyed  10 units and that is the units where we have huge votes in our favour.

   “They are going around intimidating people in Jattu because he is not winning there, they say if you are not going to vote for the PDP, they take you out, there are instances where people voted for the APC, the presiding officer allegedly thumb printed double to void the vote and police were watching while this was going on.

   “At the IDP camp in Benin City, I was told that this morning at about 9 am, they were voting and about seven people have already voted but because they know that those people will vote for us, they went there with the presence of security and destroyed the ballot papers and took away the BIVAS machines, in Ovia there are many such cases, where they are not winning, they destroy and yet you have police watching.”