March 29, 2023

Onjeh congratulates Hyacinth Alia, Sam Ode on Certificates of Return

Daniel Onjeh

The APC 2023 Senatorial Candidate for Benue South, Comrade Daniel Onjeh, has congratulated the Benue State Governor-Elect, the Very Rev. Fr. Dr Hyacinth Alia and his Deputy, Dr Sam Ode, as they are issued with their Certificates of Return today in Makurdi as the duly elected Governor and Deputy Governor respectively, of Benue State.

In a statement issued to the Press, Com. Onjeh noted that the issuance of the Certificates of Return to Father Alia and Dr Ode by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), was an affirmation of their resounding victory in the March 18th 2023 Gubernatorial Election.

Onjeh equally congratulated the electorate and entire citizens of Benue State for making the most prudent choice in the recently held gubernatorial election in the state, adding that the leadership of Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia and Dr. Sam Ode symbolizes a new lease of life for all Benue people. Onjeh said he had absolutely no doubt that the astute leadership of Father Alia would make all Benue citizens proud once again, and that the state would become the prime destination of choice in no time.

Comrade Onjeh described the combination of Father Alia and Dr. Ode as a purveyor of great promise for the Benue State people; adding that they were poised, determined and committed to ushering in a new era of peace, stability, productivity and development in the state. Onjeh added that the Benue people can rest assured that in the next dispensation; brains and not brawns will define the approach to governance and service delivery in the state.

The APC 2023 Senatorial Candidate for Benue South, Com. Onjeh, further congratulated the Leader of the APC in Benue State, Sen. Dr. George Akume; the State Executive Council and other hierarchies of the party in Benue State as well as the teeming members and supporters of the APC, for the unprecedented victory recorded by the party across the state in the 2023 General Elections.

Onjeh opined that the groundswell of support and solidarity that Father Alia and Dr Ode enjoyed across Benue State before, during and after the elections are indicative of the enormous popularity and acceptability of the incoming administration in the state, and urged the people not to relent in offering their untrammelled support to the leadership of Father Alia so that it can deliver fully on its campaign promises, meet their yearnings and aspirations and even surpass their expectations in the delivery of good governance and the dividends of democracy.

Concluding, Com. Onjeh thanked Rev. Father Alia and Dr. Ode for heeding the sacred call to duty to lead Benue State out of the doldrums and unto the new path of hope, tranquillity and promise; and prayed on behalf of himself, his family, political associates and the Onjeh Campaign Organization that God should continue to grant divine wisdom, guidance, direction and protection to Father Alia and Dr Ode as they pilot the affairs of the state come May 29th 2023.