March 26, 2023

NNPP rejects Taraba Guber polls, vows to challenge result in Court 


By Henry Umoru

THE New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP  has rejected the Taraba Gubernatorial election result declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. 

Addressing Journalists in Abuja at the weekend, the National Chairman of NNPP, Professor Rufai Ahmed Alkali who called on INEC  to as a matter of urgency,  correct what he described as injustice that was done to the NNPP and their gubernatorial,  said that  it is saddening that in the 21st century, 63 years after independence, and 24 years into the current democratic dispensation, some political elites in Nigeria still have a terrible and unholy attitude towards getting power at all costs.

He said, “The victory of our Party in Taraba State in the March 18, 2023 election was brazenly stolen in broad daylight, using some compromised security Agents. This issue has already been taken up and details are available to INEC.”

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Candidate, Lt Col Agbu Kefas (retd.) was declared the winner of the election,  but the NNPP said they will challenge the election result.

INEC State returning officer, Prof Muhammed Abdulaziz, had announced that Kefas polled 257,926 votes in the Saturday, March 18, 2023 gubernatorial election and fulfilled all requirements to be declared the governor-elect.

The NNPP candidate, Muhammad Yahaya, scored 202,277 votes to emerge second while Senator Emmanuel Bwacha of the All Progressives Congress (APC) polled 141,502 votes to become third.

Alkali said,  “Just like Kano State, Taraba State has been facing serious difficulties. It is very glaring that what happened on March 18, 2023, gubernatorial and State House of Assembly elections in Taraba State was a disgrace to this great country.

“When it was apparent that NNPP was coasting home to victory, some forces of darkness went into action, and not minding the costs, they embarked on a mission to just destroy the whole process.” 

Alkali congratulated the entire members of the NNPP, especially members of the party who won different seats in Kano and other states, said: “We appreciate our teeming supporters for not allowing themselves to be provoked. But there is a limit to people’s endurance.

” This Press Conference is  called by the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) to draw the attention of Nigerians and the International Community to the shenanigans of some people who in their despration for power believe they are above the law and can do just anything and get away with it.

“Let me start by congratulating the entire membership of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) for the feats recorded by the Party in the on-going 2023 General election. I wish to specifically congratulate members of the NNPP who won seats in the said election. Ranging from Governorship in Kano State, and different seats in the legislature both at the National and States Houses of Assembly, across the country. Special mention must be made of our National Leader, His Excellency, Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso PhD. FNSE who stood like the Rock of Gibraltar against the onslaught of the Agents of darkness who wanted to snatch NNPP’s victory.

” They have done everything to subvert the will of the people, especially, against our Party, the New Nigeria People’s Party, but as law abiding citizens, we have resisted every form of provocation in order not to heat up the polity. We have gone to great extent to put our teeming members and supporters under serious control, even in the face of unwarranted provocation, across the country, and most especially in Kano and Taraba States.

“But our concern and fear is that our members and supporters patience is almost at the breaking point, and it is high time well- meaning Nigerians and leaders of thought called these agents of darkness in the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to order, to save our nascent democracy from their evil activities.

“Right from the beginning of the electioneering for the 2023 General Elections, NNPP has been preaching the message of peace and harmony to all our members and followers nation- wide. We have faithfully abided by the Letters and Spirit of the National Peace Accord championed by the Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar led National Peace Committee (NPC). And throughout the five months period of political campaigns, there was never a time our Party, the NNPP was found to have been engaged in political violence and or wanton killings and destructions of public property.

“Even in the face of extreme provocation, we maintained our cool, and our members and teeming supporters throughout the country were always under strict instructions not to ever be provoked nor to take laws into their own hands. Unfortunately, agents of distabilisation took this our gentility for stupidity or cowardice.

“You may all wish to recall that some of the challenges our party faced was the antagonism from some staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) when they did everything to undermine our genuine efforts to submit list of our candidates who went through due process of party primaries to the INEC server.

” Rather than take offence, we explored and made use of the legal routes and sought for redress. This was how our party, after spending huge amount of money had to reclaim the Kano Central Senatorial seat, where Ibrahim Shekarau voluntarily withdrew from, but which some dark forces had wanted to highjack.

“Unfortunately, this antagonism from some INEC officials continued well into the election period when our party logo was mutilated and presented as double photocopy of the original. This undoubtedly, disenfranchised millions of our supporters across the country. We never, because of this called for war or resorted to violence. Rather, we wrote to INEC seeking for redress. Even at the National level, we never took the laws into our own hands. This was because we were and still aware and conscious of the effect it would have on the fragile peace in the country.

” The  provocation against NNPP continued well into the proper election across the country in the forms of outright rigging against us and in some

places a declaration of war against our members, especially in Kano and Taraba States, just because APC and PDP wanted to snatch victory in those States, at all costs. It is a pity that chieftains of the ruling APC could resort to bestiality because they wanted to win a State like Kano where they are so unpopular and hated after their systematic failure in Governance in the  past eight years.

“They turned the 2023 general elections into a war. In the process, they left sorrow, tears and blood on their trail. You may recall, in Kano South, a sitting member of the House of Representatives (House Majority Leader), during the Presidential and National Assembly election, led political thugs to burn down the NNPP Secretariat in Tundun Wada/Doguwa Federal Constituency, with our members inside the building

“Not satisfied with this barbaric act, he used his gun to kill others. At the end of the invasion, about 12 innocent members of our party lost their lives. Their offence was that they had gone to the Party office to conduct legitimate business. The security Agencies are still investigating this matter and the case has been referred to to the courts. Yet, as we speak right now, this man who carried out this murder in cold blood is walking the streets of Nigeria free. Is this nat provocative enough? Does this mean those innocent people who were killed have died in vain?! Does it mean that lives have no value in our country again?! Does it mean if you belong to the ruling party you can do anything, however criminal, and nothing will happen?!”