March 25, 2023

My govt is for all; whether you voted for me or not  — Uba Sani

My govt is for all; whether you voted for me or not  — Uba Sani

The Governor-elect in Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani has said that he would involve all in his forthcoming administration. In this interview, he thanked the people of Kaduna State for electing him as Governor and assured them that he would be fair to all.

He however alleged that the PDP was allocated votes during the governorship election in some polling units and threatened to challenge that in court, despite his victory.

Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo sent the excerpts:

How would you describe your victory in the just concluded election?

Thanks be to Allah, as you know, when we became victorious, what came to my mind was that power is from Allah, He gives it to who He wants and at the time He wanted.

We came out looking for this thing (power) and we pleaded with the people to come out and vote for us. We promised them that by the grace of Allah, we would not betray them and shall hold the power in trust. 

We promised to be just and shall be fair to all without any prejudice, and without being unjust to anybody. Alhamdulillah, the people came out and cast their votes for me, they cooperated with me and I’m.exyermeky grateful about that. The people have shown me love and affection in that election.

Were you ever perturbed by the delays and postponement encountered before the result of the election was announced?

 I swear I was not disturbed, perhaps those who were with me. This is because to me; I consider leadership as something that no matter how long it takes, Almighty Allah has already destined who would win the election. We, mortals, are just hoping. But whatever happens to a human being has already been destined by Almighty Allah.

I’ve contested several elections, there was a time I contested and lost the election, and there was another time I contested and won. Even when I lost the election at that time, I did not blame anyone or accused anybody. I believed it was not yet my time. 

Things only happen at the time Almighty Allah wanted them to happen. Alhamdulillah, the entire electorates in Kaduna, whether you cast your vote for us or not, and even those completely divorced from politics, we are going to be just to all and we shall lead them equitably and fairly.

We are hopeful that Almighty Allah will give us the wisdom to lead and guide us so that we hold this burden of trust, given to us by the people of Kaduna State. 

How would you reply to the opposition who alleged that your victory was a stolen mandate?

Well, politics has always been so. When I contested election and lost, in 2011 when I contested for the Senatorial election, I lost the election. The majority of my supporters alleged that we were cheated. That we should go to court. I sat with them. and preached to them.I told them power comes from Allah and at the right time,He will give us power.

And by the will of Allah, in.2019, He ( Allah) made me a Senator. I. contested twice….the one I emerged victorious, the one I lost; I ascribed all to Almighty Allah. This is because no matter how wise and smart you are,…..

Do you think you will succeed if the matter goes to court?

But this election was done openly.. in fact in my thoughts, I want to assure you that I’m doubting how the PDP even got that number of votes. Let me give an example. The votes they claimed to have gotten in Chikun Local Government, were votes allocated to them not earned. With over 89,000 votes, which was irrational. 

In my view, I was supposed to have surpassed the PDP by a wide margin. I should have surpassed the PDP with 60,000 votes.

So you’ve no problem if the matter goes to court?

I may even be the first to go to court. I want you to know that I’m even on my way to court to challenge some of the votes allocated to the PDP. 

You should know by my antecedents. I struggled for the entrenchment of democracy, those who contested with me were military apologists, and they worked with the military. We are those who fought for the return of democracy in Nigeria. 

So you are an old Comrade?

I’m an experienced activist. For those who know me; I’ve been incarcerated in my quest to entrench democracy, justice and human rights in Nigeria.