March 19, 2023

‘MAGUN’ in Ekiti: ‘When my wife’s preaching, you won’t know she is chronic adulteress’

‘MAGUN’ in Ekiti: ‘When my wife’s preaching, you won’t know she is chronic adulteress’

… pastor whose wife’s lover died during s3x in hotel room speaks

•The story of alleged infidelity, failed divorce

By Rotimi Ojomoyela, Ado-Ekiti

The story of Evangelist Rita Ajagungbala, a married woman whose lover, a popular Ekiti native doctor identified as Kehinde Fadayomi, died during alleged illicit sex in a hotel room, shook many.

Recall that in January 2023, the mysterious death of the native doctor was on the lips of many Ekiti residents.

Many linked the death to magun, a charm believed to have been placed on the woman by her husband to kill any man who may be engaged in acts of infidelity with her

Fadayomi, also known as Ejiogbe, was said to have been caught in the web of infidelity during the illicit sex with the wife of Pastor Joshua Ajagungbala in a hotel room in Ikere-Ekiti.

18 years of non-stop marital issues

Ajagungbala spoke exclusively to Sunday Vanguard, denying that he laced Rita who he married in 1999 with magun notwithstanding several alleged cases of infidelity against her.

What happened to Fadayomi who died and the wife who was there when he died, according to him, was the design of God to expose to the whole world their illicit act and not the product of any charm.

In any case, he said, as a pastor, he is not in the position to engage in the use of charms.

The husband, however, said he tried several times unsuccessfully to divorce her.

The pastor at AAC Glorious Chapel lamented that he enjoyed marriage with Rita for only five years before, in his words, she decided to live a wayward life.

“I got married at an early age. I married her in the year 1999”, Ajagungbala said in the interview with Sunday Vanguard.

“I enjoyed the marriage from 1999 to 2004 because we were living under the same roof, the same room and sleeping on the same bed.

“In 2005, I stopped enjoying the marriage because of her wayward life, and that was after she had given birth to four children for me. Presently, two of the children are in the university.”

Multiple divorce cases

According to the husband, the marital issues paved the way for multiple divorce cases amid constant pleas from family members and church leadership.

Ajagungbala had answered the call of God following which he became a pastor at AAC Glorious Chapel in May 1994 and he has traversed the length and breadth of Nigeria from one branch to the other in his ministerial calling.

He narrated: “I gave her (Rita) divorce letter three times following which I was pleaded with by the leader of our church who told me how would people hear that a pastor divorced his wife with four children, that it was not proper that I should leave or divorce her.

“The children also begged me so much that I should not leave her but that I should allow her to stay with me and I gave her a room in the house.

“When I went to court against her the first time, it was the mission authorities that pleaded on her behalf that I should forgive her. I was told that she needed fasting and prayer to be delivered and that I should let her be.

“The second time I filed divorce proceedings against her, she collected the letter and gave my family head.

“My family called a meeting where they begged me that, after all, I was a pastor and that ‘if your church brings to you this issue, what will you do?’

“I didn’t have any option then than to forgive her especially when the elders of the church also intervened and begged me with their grey hair and prostrated that I should forgive her.

“That is why I forgave her the second time. “The third time, the President of our Mission said God told him to tell me to forgive her and that if she went back to infidelity, she will be publicly disgraced.

“That was the reason I let her be the third time.”

Stabbed in the back

The pastor believed he was betrayed by someone he trusted so much, stressing that he was caught in the web of trust so much so that he got stabbed in the back.

“Between 1999 and 2004, I enjoyed the marriage. I trusted her then absolutely. I could vouch for her anywhere that she was trusted until 2005 when she just changed and began to move from one man to another.

“It is not good to trust any woman 100% but I trusted her, loved her and even put my ministerial trust in her because she is good and gifted in ministry.

“If she is ministering, you will think she is an angel. So, this makes me to know that it is not good to trust someone absolutely.

“Let God direct you. I did not allow God to direct me on the issue of trusting her; I followed my mind. But from what has happened, I have learnt that it is not good for someone to follow his heart without allowing God to direct him.”

‘I didn’t plant magun’

It was believed in many quarters that the native doctor placed magun on his lover to get rid of the pastor while many others said the pastor placed the anti-infidelity charm on his wife kill any man engaging in extra-marital affairs with her, especially after he found out that he was dating her.

But Ajagungbala said there is no iota of truth in the claim, saying he never had any issue with the native doctor, not to talk of lacing his wife with charm to kill him.

“The herbalist and I never had any conflict or sat down together to discuss like this for whatever reasons”, the pastor said. “What I know is that there is nothing God cannot do. If God is by your side, any evil plan against you cannot work or succeed. What I know is that we never had any discussion, fight or quarrel before the incident that resulted in his death in the hotel.”

Efforts by Sunday Vanguard to get Rita to respond to the allegations made against her by her husband and her story of alleged infidelity with the deceased herbalist proved abortive.

Nobody could locate her in Ikere-Ekiti.

Our correspondent also made efforts to speak to the family of Fadayomi, the herbalist, in Ikere-Ekiti, to hear their own side of the story but he met hostile family members. On learning that he was a journalist doing a story on the death of their kinsman during illicit sex with the wife of a pastor in a hotel room, they tried to attack him.

They in fact chased him but the Okada man he had hired for the trip and who was on standby facilitated his escape.