March 31, 2023

‘Love’ emerges Greatest Word of All Time (G.W.O.A.T)

‘Love’ emerges Greatest Word of All Time (G.W.O.A.T)

After an online poll by, ‘Love’ has been voted the Greatest Word of All Time (GWOAT).

After multiple rounds and nearly 14,000 votes, online users chose Love ahead of words like Thank You, Yes, Ok and Why.

In the final matchup, love faced thank you, a term kindred in its good will, though probably too practical and specific to have a chance against lofty, all-encompassing love.

The platform deduced that the voters went for ‘love’ for its value as both a noun and a verb — as not just something to seek and to say between I and you, but as something to do.

It said, “The fact that a clear majority chose love as the word they consider most important and essential is, to us, cause for hope.

“In retrospect, it does seem inevitable. Of course love won. When the choice is between love and anything else, the choice is obvious.”