March 15, 2023

Kaduna guber: Southern Kaduna Coalition, others, merge to support PDP’s Ashiru 

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo

The Southern Kaduna Youth Coalition for Labour Party, Southern Kaduna Youth and Young Forum ( SOKAYYUF) and Southern Kaduna PDP Youth Supporters for the Endorsement of Rt.Hon.Isa Ashiru Kudan as Our Choice for the March 2023 gubernatorial election, have merged to support the actualization of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) gubernatorial candidate in Kaduna State, Rt. Hon Isa Ashiru Kudan is the next Governor of Kaduna State. 

The groups made this known at a press conference in Kaduna on Wednesday evening. 

Comrade Audu Tanko,Secretary,

Southern Kaduna Labour Party Youth/Young Forum and Dr Barak Zebedee,

 Secretary, BOT ,lsa Ashiru – John Ayuba Gida-Gida Campaign 2023, signed the text of the press conference on behalf of the groups.

The groups said:”The members of the fourth estate of the realm – the press.

Our esteemed ladies and gentlemen, 

my name is Comrade Audu Tanko, Secretary,  Southern Kaduna Labour Party Youth/Young Forum; also with me is Dr Barak Zebedee, Secretary, BOT, lsa Ashiru – John Ayuba Gida-Gida Campaign 2023.”

“You are all welcome to this historic press conference which intends to shape the 2023 Governorship election in Kaduna to give  victory to the PDP for the unity of the state.”

“May l please recognise the main drivers of the Labour Party (LP) movement (the youth) from Southern Kaduna  alongside their brothers the Southern Kaduna Youth and Young Forum (SOKAYYUF) and  the Southern Kaduna PDP Youth Supporters?”

“We invite you today Wednesday 15th March 2023 to release a joint statement by the LP Youth Supporters, the Southern Kaduna Youth and Young Forum (SOKAYYUF), and the Southern Kaduna PDP Youth Supporters.” 

“Following the outcome of the February 25th, 2023 Presidential, Senatorial and House of Representatives elections, LP Supporters in Southern Kaduna have put up a groundbreaking performance. We are now aware of our strength and political sagacity. Despite the little time, the party has suddenly grown from infancy to adulthood.”

“After a thorough analysis of the February 25th, 2023 presidential election results, we have reached the resolution that if we replicate our voting pattern of the just concluded federal seats election, the danger is, we are definitely going to split our votes and pave way for the continuous stay in office of the APC – a party that we want to unanimously retire from power for its anti-people policies and cruelty. It is important to take into account that, LP and the PDP share the same political DNA, which will make it easier to align our interests and powers to achieve a common goal; which is to dislodge the ruling APC that brought untold hardship to Kaduna citizens irrespective of any religion ethnicity, party or any difference.”

“Our coming together is rooted in the realism that we are stronger together if in deed, we want to take over power from the ruling party, and losers, if divided. Meaning, the opposition parties must aggregate its interests to be able to achieve that goal so as to enthrone an inclusive leadership that will secure and unite the state for the general good of the people. ” 

“We have perceived the danger of going to the Saturday, March 18, 2023 gubernatorial election in Kaduna state as separate entities. We want to categorically make it clear that the candidate of the LP, Hon. Jonathan Asake is a good man with good track record and he is eminently qualified in all ramifications to govern the good people of Kaduna state. We have no doubt in his capacity.”

“But with the reality on ground, supporting him will amount to dividing our bloc votes to the advantage of the APC which will embolden it’s chances of 

extending its reign in power; and by extension continues with its cruel and inhuman policies. ln deed, we have all suffered the eight long years to repeat that mistake.”

“The last presidential election result has  shown that the LP was unable to get the 25% constitutional requirements in most of the Local Governments in Zone 1 and zone 2 of Kaduna state.”

“Again, we have carefully analysed the 8 years of administration of APC in Kaduna state which is the worst thing that has ever happened to the people of Southern Kaduna. The region has suffered grave loses ranging from paying billions of Naira to kidnappers, unprovoked and senseless killings of innocent souls, destructions of property and farm produce, destruction of traditional institution, executive rascality, lopsided appointments and the display of nepotism of the Gov. Nasir el-Rufai Urban Renewal Programme. Only less than 5% was spent in Southern Kaduna out of the World Bank 350 million dollar-loan. But sadly, all of us must pay back the loan on equal measure.”

“The worst of it is that people cannot access their farm land either to farm or harvest their farm produced due to fear of being killed or kidnapped, which has continued to dwindled economic activities of the region, thus causing untold hardship to the good people of Southern Kaduna and other parts of the state.”

“Aside the aforementioned, the APC-led government has divided the state along religious and ethnic lines which has create fear and mistrust among people. The track record of the 8 years of APC regime shows that the party has no interest in the progress of Southern Kaduna region.”

“In view of the aforementioned, we hereby aligned with the PDP candidate, Rt. Hon. Isah Ashiru/Dr. John Ayuba ticket which is inclusive and stands the best chance to win the 2023 gubernatorial election because of his capacity, popularity and general acceptability across the state; having won the 3 Senate seats and 10 House of Reps seats out of 16, with the APC securing jus 4 seats. “

“In the PDP, we are convinced that our interest will be safeguarded with him as the governor of Kaduna state. The testimony of PDP running a fair and inclusive government need not to be emphasized, as its last 16 years in power can bear witness.”

“On this note, we have come as a unit, as sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna to endorse and adopt the candidature of Rt. Hon. Isah Ashiru Kudan/Dr John Markus Ayuba for the Saturday Governorship election. We also want to use this medium to call on the good people of Southern Kaduna irrespective of political party to come all out in mass and deliver our long lasting legacy of bloc votes that has always being our strength to the PDP, so that we shall all be winners in the election.”Thank you for your kind attention and God bless.

Long live Southern Kaduna.Long live Kaduna State.Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria “