March 19, 2023

HIV-positive persons can have unprotected sex – Ogbonge Doctor

By Chinonso Alozie

A popular Medical Practitioner, Dr. Mayor Chikwe popularly known as Ogbonge Doctor, has explained that an HIV-positive person can go ahead and have unprotected sex with his partner without transmitting the virus.

This was disclosed in one of his online healthcare enlightenment series.

The medical expert said this is possible only if the “HIV-positive person is consistent with his medication and achieves undetectable viral load for 6 months.”

Ogbonge Doctor however warned that such practice was for only married couples where one partner is positive and the other is negative, and not safe for unmarried partners or people who are dating.

According to Ogbonge Doctor, “If an HIV positive person is consistent with his medication and achieves undetectable viral load for 6 months, they can have s3x without a condom without transmitting the virus to their partners – As long as you never skip your medications for one day and continue to maintain undetectable viral loads.

“For emphasis’ sake, this advice is strictly for married couples (because aside from that, I don’t know how you can monitor or be confident about drug compliance in people you are not living within the same room).”

His post on his Facebook page @Ogbongedoctor has generated a lot of mixed reactions from followers who received the message with shock.
Reacting, Jessica Gwaza said: “Very true
I work in an HIV/AIDS-based organization and what you say is very true. Once your viral load is undetectable, it means you can’t transmit the virus(U=U)
And such viral load can be achieved by adherence to your drugs(Time is very important) and healthy lifestyles
With being HIV-positive, your negative partner can remain negative for life, only if the person infected has an undetectable viral load, and they can also have HIV-negative babies”

Another user, Chinomso Chinedu said: “I already know this, but sometimes I seem to doubt it.”
Lilian Emmanuel said: “Still very risk I can’t try it.” while for
Zini Smart, “Your playing with your life. I can’t even try it. Or try it in life.”