March 7, 2023

Eve Esin reacts to Dave Ogbeni’s post on ‘Prostitutes in Nollywood’

Eve Esin reacts to Dave Ogbeni’s post on  ‘Prostitutes in Nollywood’

By Precious Osadebe

Nollywood actor, Dave Ogbeni has said not all women in the industry entered the field with the intention of becoming actors.

The actor made this known on his Instagram page on Sunday, where he bemoaned the way some of his friends and politicians labeled all female actors as prostitutes.

He stated that some of his colleagues joined the industry to sell their bodies.

Dave, however, advised his pals to draw a line and separate between females who entered the film profession to showcase their crafts and those who merely did so to market their bodies.

“There should be a clear-cut demarcation between Nollywood actresses and Nollywood prostitutes.

“No be every girl come for the craft, many came for the (indirect) cash”,


Eve Esin on his comment section reacted to his statement saying,” It’s so sad how some bad eggs in the basket makes the entire eggs bad.

ndubuisiahaiwe171 said, “Honestly bro, am not saying all are the same, I know some are really working hard in Nollywood to get to where they are, while some may be in that category that your politician friend said you never can tell because I hear some people out there say the same thing but I use to good of them,though am not into Nollywood now ,but I love Nollywood people and tell people that some of them are just acting as their job and may not actually be what they show in acting.

kween___esta said,” Tell your colleagues make dem dey cover body, make we know who be who.

estypius said, “Thank you for saying the truth. Alot of the girls are just there for prostitution. Using the phrase” I am an actress” for covering up. There should be a clear distinction biko. Nollywood should look into it.