March 22, 2023

DELTA 2023: Mayor of Urhoboland commends Deltans, urges President-elect to beware of perfidy

DELTA 2023: Mayor of Urhoboland commends Deltans, urges President-elect to beware of perfidy

The Mayor of Urhoboland, Eshanekpe Israel, a.k.a Akpodoro has commended the electorate over the support given to the Governor-elect of Delta State, Sheriff Oborevwhori, and at the same time thanking them for “rejecting the other candidates, as he called on the opposition to accept that the Governor-elect won by popular will.

His Excellency stated this in Abuja at a meeting of stakeholders held on Wednesday to review the electoral behaviour of the Niger Delta electorate during, before and after the elections, as he added that the people have spoken through their votes and their wish must be respected as he urged the Judiciary to beware of frivolous cases as far as the 2023 general elections is concerned.

Mayor Akpodoro stated further that of importance is the commendation of the Delta State electorate, particularly the youths, who filed behind his candidates at the poll, noting that he never regretted giving his support across party divides.

According to him, at the state level, he delivered his ward to the governor-elect in the oil-rich Delta State, saying he owes the people, youths and persons of the state “huge gratitude” for listening to what he termed “words of wisdom” in his call for continuity of good governance in the state and his advice to voters to “shun a betrayal,” who he said masquerades as a democrat while he is a notable bandit in the corridors of power.

Akpodoro called on the youths of the state to support him in his drive to wrest the pipeline’s security surveillance contract that was “mischievously awarded a candidate,” who was just rejected by the overwhelming population of Deltans at the polls.

He further stated that, until the contract that NPDC and NNPCL conspired to award wrongfully to the individual is reversed and awarded to him on behalf of the teeming youths of the state, he will not rest on his oars.

“All I need is the unrelenting support of the ex-militants, youths and persons in the state to enable me defeat the failed governorship candidate of the APC by causing the withdrawal of the contract that truly belongs to ex-militants and not a politician.”

The Mayor also urged President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to be wary of the candidate, who he said worked for his boss in the National Assembly in the run-up to the national convention and primaries of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

He noted that the personality perfidiously instructed delegates from his state to vote for his boss at the convention, urging President-elect Tinubu to be very careful not to fall victim to this particular individual.