March 29, 2023

Chiamaka Ugoo: What motivated me to go into filmmaking

Chiamaka Ugoo: What motivated me to go into filmmaking

Nollywood filmmaker, and young women advocate, Chiamaka Ugoo has disclosed that her zeal for filmmaking has been from when she was a child.

According to the philanthropist, bad eggs in the industry who were trying to take advantage of her body made dream a very challenging one for her.

“I have always wanted to be an actress but as a young girl, I think I was 18yrs the first time I tried going into movies, so many bad eggs in that industry, I think because the Nigerian movie industry is where no one needs no qualifications to enter, it gave room for so,” she stated.

“As a young girl, some of these low lives in the industry would see me and say oh you’re so beautiful and you can make it in the movie industry, at the end they’ll start looking for something else, telling me how they made Omotola, made Genevieve and can make me overnight. if I sleep with them while looking at the person claiming to have made all these stars, he smells of suffering and hunger, then you wonder if he made all these people but couldn’t make himself.

Ugoo further stated that her aim is to make her own movie, recruit talented young people especially women without using their body before they’re given movie roles.

“So many of them there looking for young women to devour, and having big dreams from an early age, I said when I’m grown and start making money, I’ll start producing my own movies so I can help other young talented girls who want to be actresses to excel without one dead low life trying to take advantage of her body, many bad eggs, low lives full the industry,” she disclosed.

Chiamaka Ugoo’s Helping Her Win has its milieu based strongly on her personal experiences and many years of experience in the field of counseling young women to be winners. It is a crucially important guide or rather pathway, a girl-child who seeks motivation can be motivated to become the woman she sets out to be.