March 16, 2023

Buchi Davids: Fast-rising Nigerian singer who created own music genre ‘Afroalte’

First, it sounded strange like a new song without lyrics, but it eventually turns out as absolute ingenuity by rising Nigerian music sensation, Nwadavid Chibuchi Godsgift, popularly referred to as Buchi Davids, who does fusion of afrobeats and alternative music he coined as ‘Afroalte’.

Nwadavid Chibuchi Godsgift is an extraordinarily talented rising artiste, who has caught attention on both local and international scene, leveraging the pervasive nature of the internet through which music lovers across the world stream and download his Extensive Plays (EPs) and Singles.

Nwadavid Chibuchi Godsgift hit the music scene in 2019 with an EP, ‘Billion’ in which he featured social media comedian, Josh2funny, and Bellokreb. In 2020, he released a single, ‘Never Seen’ (Kalakuta Vibe), featuring Afrowonder in the music video. In 2021, he came out with ‘Lati January’, featuring Prodit.

In June 2022, Nwadavid Chibuchi Godsgift dropped ‘Come Around’, which has unarguably been a massive hit for the music revelation. So far on YouTube, the video of the song has over 56,000 views. In Decembler last year, Buchidavidss
dropped ‘Give Me Some’, which has also been a huge success in about a month plus from the date of release.

‘Give Me Some’, which has a length of 2 minutes and 21 seconds, was 7th on the updated playlist of 49th Street, a pan-African media platform that promotes music, fashion and art by Africans.

Speaking recently to reporters, Buchi Davids revealed the idea behind his genre of music.

“I will describe it as ‘afroalte’. I coined it myself, and it is a fusion of afrobeats and alternative music. I am working towards making it a globally accepted sound. After all, other genres that are now popular were started by someone”, explained Nwadavid Chibuchi Godsgift.

On the highpoints of his career, he revealed that in spite the success he has recorded so far, he is not signed to any record label yet.

“That would be when I got a record label deal. I am more of a solo artiste for now though. I am working with a few good ‘music heads’ and a distribution company,” said Nwadavid Chibuch Godsgift.