March 16, 2023

Binance takes blockchain awareness to popular Nigerian markets, in collaboration with ScholarX

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider has collaborated with ScholarX (LearnAM), a social impact startup that helps young Africans access quality skills training, to drive blockchain adoption across rural markets in Nigeria with the use of localized languages, namely Yoruba, Igbo, Hause, and pidgin English.
With an aim to increase crypto awareness on the continent at a time when more Africans are turning to digital assets, Binance is running activations at popular Nigerian markets including Alaba market (largest electronics market in Nigeria), Computer Village (largest ICT accessories market in Nigeria), Balogun market (largest textile market in Nigeria), Ikotun market (food items market) and Coker-Orile market (building materials market).
The blockchain giant has just completed phase one of the activations where blockchain solutions including use cases and academic resources were introduced to market officials at Ikotun and Alaba Intl market. Phase two will begin on Wednesday 23 March, 2023 at the Computer Village.
According to Bola Lawal, CEO of ScholarX: “We’re excited about this partnership as it is especially important at this crucial time in our country’s history, with the unprecedented push for the execution of digital and cashless policies. We’re confident that this partnership with Binance will open new opportunities for people in local markets, with LearnAM providing them with localized information they need to wield blockchain technology.
“We have always believed in equitable access to information and opportunity that improve the quality of life within these communities. This partnership further reinforces our commitment to this.”
As the world becomes more connected than ever, digital skills are important for people in rural communities to access information, find employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, succeed in education, and build stronger and more connected communities.
“To expedite widespread adoption, we are committed to ensuring that even those in disadvantaged communities have access to the myriad of solutions blockchain offers. We see a more on-the-ground approach as an essential step in demystifying the concepts and providing solutions to real-world problems,” said Nadeem Anjarwalla, Binance West & East Africa Director.
By bringing more in-person experiences, Binance continues to improve crypto literacy and drive adoption across the region, stimulating economic and digital development.