March 20, 2023

Assembly polls: INEC announced fake result for Aboh Mbaise, Imo PDP candidate alleges


The candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for Aboh Mbaise State Constituency, Imo State, Princewill Amuchie, has rejected the result announced for the constituency by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

INEC had declared Hon. Eddie Obinna winner of the All Progressives Congress, APC, winner of the poll.

But in a statement from the Director General, Next Door Campaign, Barr. Anayo Aham, on Monday, the PDP candidate said INEC had announced about 80 percent of the results of the wards in the constituency before a government appointee allegedly stormed the area with Armoured Personnel Carriers and carted away electoral materials.

Amuchie claimed that he won in all he wards announced by INEC at the local government collation centre.

He however, vowed to retrieve his mandate.

“We make bold to say that such daylight robbery will not stand; not now, not in the future.

“The election at Aboh Mbaise State Constituency was conducted peacefully in the twelve (12) Wards and Princewill Amuchie of the PDP won peacefully. About eighty percent (80%) of the results have been uploaded in the IREV. In line with the Electoral Act 2022, as amended, the uploaded results tallies with the number of accredited voters as captured by the BVAS. Again, the results were concluded and written at the Polling Units in conformity with the Form EC 8 Series protocol.

“Also out of the Two Hundred and Eight Polling Units (208), where elections were conducted, results of One Hundred and Eighty Three Polling Units (183) had been uploaded in the IREV and viewed by the general public.

“It is on good record that the remaining Twenty Five (25) Polling Units where the results have not been uploaded were taken away and written elsewhere.

“Shamelessly, it is this fabricated result that INEC has gone on to announce. Let it be known that the Commission has not right to select someone that Ndi Aboh do not want to represent them at the State House of Assembly.

“From all the results sheets available to us, Princewill won his closest rival Hon. Eddie Obinna in Eleven Wards (11) out of the Twelve Wards (12) that make up Aboh Mbaise.

Therefore, the declaration of Eddie Obinna as the winner of the election is designed to stir crisis in Aboh Mbaise, but, we shall resist such prodding, whilst pursuing every legal and peaceful means to reclaim our mandate”, the statement reads.