March 26, 2023

Actress Sandra Alhassan out with new movie “ Omo Oku Aye”

<strong>Actress Sandra Alhassan out with new movie “ Omo Oku Aye”</strong>

By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood actress and producer, Sandra Alhassan has waltzed her wayt into conversations in the movie industry with her new movie titled “Omo Oku Aye” which started showing on YorubahoodTV, on YouTube from Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

According to Sandra, the movie, which was produced by her Sandrock Media Productions and directed by Oluwale Samson Adebayo is another love story told in a different light and spruced with excitement, deep nostalgic emotions and intrigues.

The movie stars A-lister Ibrahim Chatta as the lead character, from a humble background, as a roadside artwork seller who got romantically involved with a daughter (Sandra Alhassan) of a deceased billionaire.

Sharing the synopsis of the movie and the characters involved, the producer narrated, “ Ibrahim Chatta was an ordinary artwork seller by the roadside and Sandra Alhassan (myself) was the only child of a rich man, who was very close to her father (Ladi Okunuga). My father usually sang a particular traditional song for me but then he passed away and I kept falling into trances, missing my dad.

I had a boyfriend named Jide (Babatunde Aderinoye ) who was my father’s friend’s son ,but Jide was after my wealth as directed by his father. On a certain fateful day Jide took me out to cheer me up. I heard Ibrahim Chatta singing the same song my dad used to sing to me and thereafter I got attached to him. And from there the real intrigues began.