February 4, 2023

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards in Nigeria?

If you stumbled on this article, I am 90% sure you have either been thinking about getting gift cards, or you already have your mind made up, and have been searching “where can I buy gift cards online?”

If you fall in the latter category, rest assured that you would have all the information you need after reading this article. However, if you are just hearing about them and still need a little convincing, I might just be able to sway you in the right direction. 

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are digital assets that are preloaded with a specific amount of money, which serves as an alternative payment method from cash, debit, or credit card at a designated brand or restaurant. 

For example; If you buy or are gifted a $100 Amazon gift card, you can buy all items either online or on the website worth $100 or below. You also do not have to max out your card at once. You can use it as many times as possible. Until your balance runs down. 

Why Do I Need Gift Cards?

You might still be thinking, why do I need gift cards? they seem great but would they be useful to me? and the answer is yes. See how;

1. Gift Cards Are a convenient method of shopping: Unlike cash, it is almost impossible to forget your gift cards either at home, at work, or in the car. Because you can save the details of your gift card on your phone and keep the physical version in a safe place. All you need to do is bring out your phone and give the cashier your details, or copy and paste if you are shopping online. Some gift cards such as; AMEX and Visa can be used anywhere their brands are accepted as a means of payment. So you have much more places to redeem them.

2. Great Gift For Friends and Family: They are not named gift cards for no reason. These digital assets serve as a very thoughtful present to give your loved ones on their special occasion or if you are feeling generous. Anytime I want to surprise my younger cousins, I simply get them a $50 Steam gift card, and voila, I am the best cousin they’ve ever had. Works just like magic.

3. Can Be Resold For Cash: Gift Cards are also very flexible. If you need money for any reason, you can always sell your gift cards for cash. On certain platforms like Cardtonic, you would be getting the best gift card rates in Nigeria. Meaning you are not stuck with these digital assets if you no longer need them, or you were gifted one. And it also encourages international payments for goods or services rendered without having bank hassles. 

4. Alternative Means Of Making Online Payments: It is no longer news that Naira cards have been declining on international websites and brands. Before it was only limited to relatively high charges like $1000 and above. Then it reduced drastically to $50- $100. Until they were fully canceled. Now you can’t pay for basic dollar transactions like Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, etc. However, you can buy these gift cards on Cardtonic with your Naira card and make these purchases. 

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards in Nigeria?

I am guessing by now you must be sold on the idea of gift cards, and you can finally see how they would make your life easier. So without further ado, I would be pointing you in the direction of possible places to buy gift cards in Nigeria

1. Prestmit: This is a platform that is located in Nigeria and sells quite a number of popular gift card brands. On Presmit, you can buy both physical and digital gift cards. After you make payment, you receive a code via email.

2. Konga: Konga is a relatively more platform than Presmit. There is an e-commerce website where you can buy and even sell almost everything. Gift cards included.

3. Jumia: On Jumia, you can buy gift cards like; Amazon, iTunes, google play, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, etc. Jumia is a pan-African tech company that serves as a marketplace for all types of goods. 

4. Cardtonic: Cardtonic is a gift card exchange platform that helps individuals and businesses buy gift cards at the most affordable rates in Nigeria. One of the major reasons why people love the Cardtonic app is because they majorly focus on buying and selling gift cards. And they also operate 24/7. Meaning your convenience and satisfaction is their top priority. 

How To Buy Gift Cards on Cardtonic 

If you are a first-time user, you would need to download and register on the application. The Cardtonic app is available on IOS and Google Play Store

To register, all it takes is your full name, email address, bank account number, etc. You would be sent a verification link to the email address provided, and required to click it for redirection back to the platform. Once this is completed, you can now proceed to buy your gift cards on Cardtonic. 

This is a one-off process and would not need to be repeated when returning to the application for the second time. 

Buying Gift Cards on Cardtonic 

1. Open Your Cardtonic Application

2. Tap the Buy Gift Cards Section

3. Search and select the gift card country. For example; United States

4. Select Desired Gift Card

5. Click on Card Unit (Amount desired) & Quantity (Number of gift cards)

5. Proceed To Payment. 


You have the opportunity to buy all major gift card brands from across the world on Cardtonic.

Now you know that it is not only possible to purchase gift cards in Nigeria, but also very easy. Thanks to innovative individuals and businesses. 


PLAY STORE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cardtonic.app

APPSTORE: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cardtonic-sell-gift-cards/id1548466084

HELP CENTER: https://help.cardtonic.com