February 3, 2023

We installed them, we’ll replace them — Tinubu

By Shina Abubakar

THE presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, yesterday, expressed optimism that the South-West will succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

Tinubu, who spoke in Yoruba at the presidential campaign rally, held at Freedom Park, Osogbo, said the South-West collaborated with the North to elect a Northern president, hence the South-West will succeed the present administration. 

He said: “We collaborated with them (North) to elect a president of Northern extraction. This time, we (South-West) will succeed them. 

“Despite the ongoing fuel and currency scarcity in the country, the people will still throng the various polling units across the country to elect an APC President. The places where we are going to vote is not far from our houses. We will trek to the place. Wherever they put the ballot boxes, we will get there and we will vote and emerge victorious.

“Nobody smashes the seed from a palm nut by being gentlemanly. We are not bastards. We were the ones that put them there and we will be the ones to succeed them. 

“If you say you want to frustrate us, we have come a long way and, no matter what you do, we will remain steadfast. We are grateful for the way you trooped out for us.”

Speaking on job opportunities for the unemployed, Tinubu, who addressed the rally on the bus due to the crowd, said his administration will create a register for the unemployed and those seeking vocation to ensure that everyone is adequately taken care of.

His words: “All the youths searching for jobs will get jobs. I want to assure you that whoever wants to learn a craft, will do so conveniently. We will establish companies for our children who couldn’t gain admission. 

“We will re-enact the Lagos strategy in Nigeria, we will create job opportunities for our teeming unemployed youths. We will ensure that those seeking vocational skills learn their desired skills conveniently.

“For those who are in school, call me bastard if you spend more than four years. You will use four years to finish your studies. We will lend those who are not financially capable money. Whatever your school fees are, we will pay it. No child of the poor will be left out. We are all equal.

“We will still come back here to celebrate with you on your imminent victory; you will not suffer in vain.”