February 21, 2023

Vote someone with integrity – Bolaji Oshobukola

Vote someone with integrity – Bolaji Oshobukola

Bolaji Oshobukola, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Odibola Global Services Limited; a property development company, has urged Nigerians to desist from all forms of violence as the long awaited general elections starts on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

In this interview, Bolaji Oshobukola who started his business in Rivers state in 2015 and expanded to Lagos and UK also beckoned on the youths in particular to vote for someone with experience, capacity, integrity, ability, agility and above all someone who have the people’s interest at heart.


It’s a few days for the long anticipated general elections, what are your expectations?
Well, my expectation are very high believing that so many young Nigerians are very much aware of the impact of a bad leader. It will not be business as usual this time and the newly signed Electoral bill will not give Politicians the opportunity to rig Elections which will give way for the peoples vote to count. It will also give them the opportunity to chose a leadership of their choice.

Hope you are geared up to exercise your right? Who is your candidate?
Well, as a business man, I can not tell you who I will be voting for publicly but trust me, I will be voting for someone I believe has what it takes to change the current situation we have found ourselves for better and someone who has what it takes to change the fortune of the country. Someone who if any of my kids possess his character, it will not be a shame to me. I want to also encourage others too to vote for someone they can be proud of not to be induced by money or be sentimental in their choice because the current challenges we face in this country today is affecting everyone in respective of tribe, Religion and Political affiliation.

As a business man how has the new naira notes scarcity affected you?
Well, it has not been easy because no matter how we want to justify the reason for hoarding the new naira note, trust me it is really impacting negatively in the system and I for one, I am also feeling the heat. I have a lot of people that rely on me and many of them need cash to survive. Nevertheless, no matter how hard it is now, we will still come out of it because Nigerians have faced harder times than what is going on now. Trust me is not really easy to be without cash.

What’s your advice to Nigerians as they get set for Saturday?
Well, it is important for Nigerians to understand that we only have one Country which is Nigerian and if we must save the Country from collapse we must start by coming out in mass to vote for the right Candidate in respective of the party. Also, when doing that, it should be with utmost peace and calmness. We should shun every form of violence and give peace a chance as we enter another face in our country history.

What are the major areas you would like the potential new government to look into as it affects your business?
The new Government should look at Insecurity and Unemployment which has lead to mass Exodus of our people to the United Kingdom in a popular terminology refers to as “japa”. The Government should look at The power issue which has become an almost impossible task to achieve by any of the past and present Governments. I know what I go through running most of my business concerns such as my Luxury apartment in Port harcourt Rivers State and my office in port harcourt and Lagos. The very high cost of diesel is really telling on us and most times take most of our profit which when there is a steady power no matter the Bill we pay, it can never be compare to when you power yourself.

What’s your take on the destruction of banks by some youth who are reacting to the cashless situation?
Well, I hope is not politically motivated because I don’t see the rationale behind destroying the banks. Of what difference will it make since the decision to redesign or hoard the Naira is from the Central Bank? I total condemned such actions by the youth and I will advise them as a youth too to channel their energies and anger at the ballot this Saturday to vote out any candidate they feel might put them in this kind of situation in future.

Most people believe that once their candidate of choice didn’t win, they will leave the country, (Japa syndrome) are you thinking towards that line too?
Nigerian is my Country and I can’t japa for any reason because haven traveled round the world, trust me there is no place like home. So, I will be here and I also believe things will get better soon because Nigerians are wise now compare to the past years.

Do you believe Nigeria can still be saved despite the damages the corrupt politicians have incurred?
For me, is all about Leadership. A good leader can turn the fortunes of this country around because he or she will touch key areas that can transform the economy. When you give a Country as big as Nigerian to someone who does not have the capacity to lead, such person will be confused and things will get worse. Thats why we don’t have any reason to compromise this Coming Election else we will live to regret it. Let’s vote for someone with Experience, capacity, integrity, ability, agility and above all someone who have the people’s interest at heart.

How have you been dealing with your losses since the new naira notes issues began?
It has not be easy but we believe tough time never last but tough people do. We have gone cashless in all our transactions even though we have network challenges most often. We don’t have a choice because there is little or nothing we can do. That is why we need a good leader that will hold people accountable so that Nigerians can not be taken for granted by any Organisation. If we can’t get cash, we shouldn’t also suffer so much to do electronic transfer else is a clear indication of negligence which will never happen if banks are held accountable.