February 6, 2023

Supreme Court Judgment: Democracy is at work, says Lawan

Senate President Lawan

…Says it is victory for APC in Yobe and APC in general  across the country

By Henry Umoru

PRESIDENT of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan has said that democracy is at work with the Supreme Judgement that finally recognised him as the authentic candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Yobe North Senatorial District and sacking Bashir Machina earlier recognised by the Federal High Court in Damaturu and Court of Appeal in Abuja.

Speaking with Journalists on Monday at his Maitama Guest House, Abuja, Lawan said that it was victory for APC in Yobe and  APC in general across the country.

Recall that the Supreme Court in  the lead judgement, Justice Centus Nweze faulted the approach of Bashir Machina in commencing the suit at the Federal High Court Damaturu division through originating summons and without oral evidence to prove allegations of fraud.
Lawan said, “Let me start by thanking God for his blessing and of vwhat had happened today in the Supreme Court The judgement on Yobe North Particularly is a victory for APC in Yobe and generally APC across the country. What happened was democracy at work and the courts gave their various judgements and of course, the Supreme Court gave the final judgement.

“I want to at this point  commend the Supreme Court and of course the judiciary generally for making this kind of jusgement to strengthen our democracy because it is not only for politicians to work and strengthen democracy, it is all of us and all theinstitutions have their roles to play. So I commend tell 

“Let me take this opportunity to thank the All Progressives Congress,  our party for taking this matter to the Supreme Court. Actually, as an individual, I did not  go to the Supreme Court to seek for a redress,  but my party did and my people of Yobe North and Yobe State generally,  many political associate and well wishers across the country and beyond that there had to be an appeal at the Supreme Court on this matter.

” So today it is a victory for all of us involved. I am the symbol,  but the victory is for our party,  the APC and for democracy. For you journalists you have been very wonderful especially the Senate Press Corps what can we do without you, where can we go without you.

“The press Corps in the Senate has been one segment of our complex that gives out for the last four years authentic and valid information to the public on what we do. This 9th Senate has been a very productive Senate and our colleagues have shown interest in what hasbeen happening in this Senate.  

“I thank all my colleagues in the Senate for the support and the love for the partnership and I want to recommit myself to ensuring that the leadership of the Senate to continue to lead very well.we will always be appreciative of our colleagues who gave us the mandate to lead the 9th National Assembly. 

“We will be looking at the 25th of February when the Presidential and the National Assembly elections will take place. By the Grace of God Nigerians will Vote APC once again. On the 25th the presidential candidate of the APC Asiwaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu jagaban Borgu will be voted in as President of Nigeria by the grace of God along side distinguish senator Kasim Shetima who is the vice presidential candidate. When it comes to the Senatorial and House of Representatives, you know what it will be. It will be a landslide majority for the APC and the same thing for the House of Representatives.

“We will continue to give Nigeria leadershipto continue with those programmes and projects that we have been doing very well and rethink and retool those that we think we have not done very well. This I believe will make Nigeria better.”