February 1, 2023

Southern Cameroon seeks US, others’ intervention in crisis with Cameroon

By Victoria Ojeme

The people of Southern Cameroon also known as the Ambazonians have sought the intervention of the United States of America in the lingering crisis between them and La Republique Du Cameroon.

The Leader of Southern Cameroon Dr Samuel Sako who made the call on behalf of the people during a virtual conference urged the U S. government to initiate peace talks between the two warring parties

Sako also requested Switzerland and Canada be part of the dialogue.

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While decrying the impact of the crisis on the people of Southern Cameroon, Sako explained that the people wanted the international community to prevail over the Republic of Cameroon to revert to the initial agreement of 1961 which brought the two entities together.

Sako wanted America to be the convener of the meeting noting that the U.S. .government had a way of getting President Paul Biya of attending a meeting that they want him to attend. When Americans get involved, the negotiation process works”.

“La Republique must be represented on the table through official delegations. We can’t have a proper dialogue without the political leadership of LRC that is responsible for the killings and genocide in Ambazonia”.

“Any dialogue that does not bring the La Republique to the table for talks is a distraction. And distractions won’t bring peace. They will only empower the enemy to continue with their mission of annihilation and deceive the world that some kind of solution will emerge from somewhere even when there is no process. Anything short of the process will not get the Interim Government of Ambazonia on the table.”

According to Sako, La Republique du Cameroon Government should be blamed for the outright rejection of the Swiss-led mediation talks, which made Switzerland pull out as mediator of any possible talks between Ambazonia and La Republique in 2017.

The Leader of the Ambazonian people maintained that negotiation was the only way towards disarmament, return of refugees, and restoration of lasting peace,.

Dr Sako added that Southern Cameroon was out for genuine negotiation for the good of all, urging the world to rise up and end the alleged genocide in the region.